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Careers Club: Your Year to Thrive | In Pictures

On 12 February, Careers Club members and guests came together at Deloitte for our first Careers Club event of 2019; Your Year to Thrive | Planning & Goals. The evening, attended by over 100 women, consisted of a thought-provoking speech by Vanessa Vallely, Founder of WeAreTheCity & Careers Club, followed by interactive, hands-on activities and...
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Firm management or bullying?

In a fast paced, dynamic working environment such as the City, it is inevitable that the demands and pressures of management will be handled better by some than others. Most of us will experience a variety of different management styles during the course of our careers. Some we will respond well to, others less so....
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man sexually harassing woman at work featured

Why sexual harassment should be properly addressed in the workplace

More than a third of women have experienced sexual harassment at work – and, since the allegations in the entertainment industry came to light last year sparking the #MeToo movement, the number of accusations across all sectors of society continues to rise. A recent report from The Women and Equalities Committee also suggests that the...
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The legalities of working in a heatwave

Article provided by Jo Stubbs, Head of Content at XpertHR With the heatwave showing no sign of slowing down across some parts of the UK, the Met Office issued a heatwave warning this week and reported that Monday was the hottest day of the year so far. Half of all offices are considered too hot...
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Takeaways from the Women in Silicon Roundabout Conference | Ellen Donnelly

This week the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference took over the London ExCel centre: hosted by Maddox Events as part of their event championing diversity in the workplace. After attending, here are some of the insights that thought leaders in technology shared that I believe are key for anyone advancing a career within the industry:...
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How to negotiate | Penny deValk

In this article I look at how and why women and men negotiate differently and its’ consequences, drawing together some best practice negotiation skills for women to consider. Men initiate negotiations 2-9 times more often than women. Research also shows that when negotiating, women set less aggressive goals than men, make more modest first offers,...
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entrepreneur featured

My advice for budding entrepreneurs | Aileen Gilani

My advice begins with the first step which, as cliché as it sounds, is to actually start your business. I always say to people that if you are the kind of person that needs something official to get your act together, then do something official like registering your business on Companies House. There is a...
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women in finance featured

Does a career in financial services add up?

Since being involved in financial services, a few things have surprised me – namely the lack of women entering degree programs in banking and finance; and also the barriers some women report facing in progressing in their career. So, as a woman, why should you consider a career in financial services? Many women are put...
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