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Government announces plans for people to change their gender without doctor’s diagnosis

The government has announced plans to streamline and de-medicalise the process of transitioning, by letting people change their gender without a doctor’s diagnosis. Under the current regulations, anyone wishing to transition has to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. They also have to live as their desired gender for two years before they can officially...
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church of england

Church of England votes to welcome transgender people

The Church of England’s governing body have voted to ‘welcome and affirm’ the transgender community. They have backed a motion which described a need for transgender people to be “welcomed and affirmed in their parish church” as part of the “long and often complex process” of transition. Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu was among...
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Card giant Hallmark launch collection of cards to celebrate transgender people who are transitioning

The card giant, Hallmark, have released a collection of cards to celebrate transgender people who are transitioning. Twitter user, Renata Sancken posted a number of photos online showing the new cards which feature lines such as “You’re becoming who you’ve always been” and “How wonderful is that?” I’ve never seen Hallmark cards for gender transitioning...
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Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox “Being trans isn’t about blending in…and that’s beautiful”

Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox spoke out about the idea of “passing,” transgender identity at the WE Day event. The actress discussed with Elle magazine how she never wanted to “blend in” with everyone else, but rather stand out for being transgender. “Passing” refers to members of the transgender community who look cisgender...
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Sophie Cook and Jeremy Corbyn featured

Sophie Cook hopes to be the first openly transgender MP

Labour candidate, Sophie Cook is hoping to become the first openly transgender MP in the upcoming election. The 50-year-old TV presenter, campaigner and official photographer for AFC Bournemouth was selected by the Labour Party to stand in the General Election. Before she began transitioning in 1998, Cook was stationed in West Germany with the RAF....
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Trans mum featured in new Dove motherhood campaign

Dove’s newest advertisement, for real mums, has shown it’s commitment to diversity by featuring a transgender mum and her partner. The Baby Dove #RealMoms advert also features a tech manager mum, a break-dancing mum and a cattle ranching mum. Dove explained that the purpose of the advert is to show “diverse parenting styles”. The company...
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Stonewall call for government to introduce gender-neutral passports

LGBT charity Stonewall are calling on the government to introduce gender-neutral passports. The group is asking the government to introduce a new X classification for UK passports for people who don’t identify with a single gender. Stonewall say by making the X classification available, going through passport control would become an easier experience. The group...
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patricia davies featured

WWII veteran comes out as transgender at 90

A World War Two veteran has come out as transgender at the age of 90. Patricia Davies, formerly known as Peter, said she was always ‘living a lie’ and came out to doctors last year. The soldier said she knew she was a woman since the age of three. However, she kept it a secret...
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