This is a popular trend that we’ve seen on the arms of Italian, French and American editors loitering outside fashion shows for a few seasons now. The bracelet has definitely established itself as a go-to accessory for the style conscious men. From wooden beads to leather cuffs to metal ID bands, there are a plethora of options available to choose from, for those men who aren’t afraid to confidently adorn their wrists. Our KM Image Consultant’s Personal Advisors give you a peak into the key styles available this year.



Metal bracelets convey a notion of tasteful rebellion with their sleek appearance.  The metal ID bracelets represent the most masculine wrist wear option due to its military connotations. Since its quite distinctive and chunky, metal bracelets are best worn as standalone, solo pieces.



At the very core of menswear is cemented the nautical aesthetic which is now influencing the men’s accessories in a huge way.   As this is a recurring trend every year, investing in a nautical-themed bracelet therefore offers longevity and is the perfect finishing touch to any maritime or Riviera-inspired outfit.



Beads have always been versatile to adapt to a wide variety of looks. From ethnic-inspired wooden beads to high-end crystal/ebony versions to statement plastic styles, the range of designs are so diverse that there is something to suit everyone’s personal taste.



Leather as a material is so refined and versatile, that depending on the style and size of the bracelet – it can retain a sense of formality whilst at the same time appearing roguish and rebellious. Men are already accustomed to wearing leather on their wrists in the form of watchstraps, so a leather bracelet would perhaps not be such a big leap. It also comes in a woven style, which is currently experiencing resurgence in popularity as a sign of masculinity.





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