“Be certain of one thing; you will love their future job” | Miri Thomas, editorial director at Insider Media writes a letter to her teenage self

Miri Thomas This letter is published as part of a Girls Out Loud campaign to raise awareness of the need to empower and inspire the nation’s teenage girls.

Girls Out Loud is a social enterprise on a mission to provide young women with professional, female role models from their local area who can help them navigate the tricky teenage years.

This year, the organisation is hosting its first ever Shining Stars Ball to raise money for its vital work. To find out more about Girls Out Loud, please visit girlsoutloud.org.uk.

Miri Thomas is editorial director at Insider Media and has worked in business journalism for more than 15 years. She graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting.

Dear Miri

As you’re reading this, the teenage version of me, you’re picturing your adult life as the female Mark Kermode; getting paid to watch films and write about them for a living.

What I do now is not the same, but I have been fortunate to carve a career in my chosen field – journalism. Be certain of one thing; you will love your future job. What I do now is interesting, rewarding, challenging, mentally stimulating, exciting and inspiring.

Naturally, there are still moments when I look back and think what if my life had taken a different turn… I could have been a Silicon Valley billionaire, or changing the way we view the world through a significant new scientific discovery.

Which leads me on to my advice. The one message I would like to impart to my younger self is to take every opportunity to further your knowledge, your skills, your experiences. Take chances and calculated risks. Actively seek out new challenges rather than the path of least resistance. When things get tough, don’t quit. It will be worth it.

Don’t put things off. Don’t take things for granted. Never stop learning.

Your 37-year-old self.


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