Denise Mueller becomes the fastest woman on a bike at 147mph

denise mueller
Credit: Project Speed

Cyclist Denise Mueller has become the fastest women on a bike, breaking the world record at 147mph.

In a first for women, Mueller set the women’s world speed record for the fastest speed on a paced bicycle. Unfortunately, Mueller fell short of the overall world record of 167mph, set by Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg in 1995.

Mueller, from California, rode her specially designed bicycle while being towed by a pace car until she’d reached around 90mph. However, from then Mueller reached the record breaking speed using her legs.

Mueller is supported by her pace car driver, Shea Holbrook, a six-time Pirelli World Challenge winner; and her coach and trainer, John Howard, who set his own land speed record of 152.2mph in 1985.

Speaking to ESPN, Mueller said,“…Really, how many chances do you get to be the first person ever to be able to do something as a female?”

“Men have done this record since 1899, and a woman has never even tried to do this record. So, why not? I get to be the first ever?”

After her attempt, Mueller spoke to VeloNews saying, “I am the fastest woman on a bicycle ever!”

“I can’t explain it. You don’t get a sense of the speed. All I know is we went faster than we’ve ever been before.”

The event took place on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, during the World of Speed event. Despite setting the first women’s record, Mueller was hoping to go faster, but due to wet weather conditions was unable to race on the last day of the event.

Her trainer also said that Mueller was disadvantaged in her hopes to beat the men’s record, by the lack of track. Howard said, “We don’t have enough track to beat the men’s world record.”

“We’ve got four miles and we’d need six.”

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