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Diamonds are forever they say… Have you ever wondered though why those lovely pieces are so expensive?!! Yes, they are nice and nice for a girl to have,  but they set a guy back on the ‘dough’ !!! Which means that when you are given it, it signifies you are a diamond in your own right!!

The point is the reason why they’re so expensive and beautiful to look at is the result of many things. Before that diamond comes out, the  original rough coal is put under highly combustive pressure for the underlying minerals to crystallise into the rare gem that we all see.  The mining of the rare gem  itself is not a walk in the park! Talk about many hours of drilling and digging to find enough of the precious stuff for commercial purposes!!!  Processing aside, the pack of those precious minerals are superbly scarce here on earth!! It is the scarcity and the finite availability  of diamonds that  makes this precious metal so expensive!! Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this!

What  I am trying to explain today is that on this journey, sometimes, it just pays to be scarce or better yet appear unavailable to guys of interest to raise the level of the ‘like-ability’ factor!! Be scarce to to be missed!! A lot!!!  I have noticed that being unavailable (either physically or on the phone) makes me look more appealing to the guys on the scene. It’s just the way it is..

Here’s the thing, I am trying (and I think I’ve had some success with this) made myself unavailable on a number of fronts with Jamieson, which is far from my natural tendency!! Thing is whiles others strive to be with each other all the time when dating, I think the opposite!! After all absence makes the heart grow fonder right?!!!I don’t think that’s being elusive, or is it?? He invited me to spend time with him last week, after seeing him twice the week before!! As per my golden rule, I try not to  see a guy more than once in a week, especially at the beginning of getting to know him!! This of course will be different if we were committed to each other, but I am still looking through the pack, if you know what I mean, just like he is…..

So when he suggested that we spend sometime together (again) last week Tuesday after work, I rejected the offer. As per my schedule and to avoid  breaking these mini guidelines, I have filled my diary with many interesting things!! I set myself to see other people and attend interesting events around the City! So his invitation was really  bad timing!!!! But then knowing him, the way I think I do now, he kept on asking and suggested that we meet up on Thursday to watch the game together!! But ladies you know, football exude many feelings and excitement in men and with his national team playing I figured the excitement levels would be twice the usual!! Therefore to avoid any unplanned incidences, you know what I mean, I decided to choose the alternative, which was to watch the match with neutral friends!!!But I tell you though, I may well have watched it together with him because through out the whole game, my phone get buzzing with his texts, before, during and after the game!!! Now when his national team won, my phone just couldn’t stand the number of texts that were coming through!!! So I just had to shut it off!! When I switched my phone on at home later on in the evening, to my pleasant surprise, I was met with voice mails and many of his sweet inviting texts!!!! On Friday afternoon, I came back from lunch to see a nicely arranged and sweet smelling bouquet of flowers on my desk!!

See like a diamond, being absent and scarce makes me rare and I believe, sets me apart from his usual pool!! From my perspective, it gives him something that he is not typically used to, he usually gets what he wants so this whole thing, is very different to him and I know, it is confusing his game, not by a little, but by much!! And I know that he’s enjoying it too!!!  But I am also doing this for me!!! I feel that I am going through the same polishing process as the coal which turns into a diamond!!  I am taking my time to know, love and really cherish me, because it is only in doing so will real love find its way towards me!!

As always, I love you for reading and sharing…

– WiseGirl

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