Cervical Cancer Awareness Ribbon

10 things you’ve always wanted to ask your gynaecologist about cervical cancer

Guest blogger and consultant gynaecologist, Mr Jullien Brady answers your questions on cervical screening… 1. What does your cervix actually do? Your cervix is the junction between your vagina and your womb. The average cervix is around 4cm in length and 1.5cm in width, but this can vary widely from woman to woman. During pregnancy,...
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nanny featured

What you need to know when employing your first nanny

A good nanny can be a great asset to working families. The peace of mind that your child is being given undivided one-on-one attention while you are at work is a strong factor in choosing this more costly form of childcare over others. Apart from the individual attention your little one will receive, there are...
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7 top tips for working and breastfeeding

Juggling work, household chores and breastfeeding is not easy. Whilst it may seem more convenient to bottle feed, there’s no denying the health benefits your baby will receive from breast feeding during this crucial stage of their lives. Here are 7 top tips to do it all and still breastfeed your baby: 1) Try the...
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10 feeding tips for combined bottle and breastfeeding

In aid of National Breastfeeding Week, here are 10 tips for combined bottle and breastfeeding. 1. If you have problems with low milk supply, or have twins then it can be difficult to meet your baby’s demands. Seek help from a breastfeeding advisor to help get your milk supply up, but as an alternative supplementing...
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My Breastfeeding Journey | Shabs Kwofie, Founder of AmaWrap (F)

My breastfeeding journey | Shabs Kwofie, Founder of AmaWrap

When I had my daughter four years ago I had no idea exactly how difficult breastfeeding could be. I thought it was a matter of latching baby onto your breast, and you were good to go! I had not expected to be in so much pain with each feed and without help I was in...
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elevate, burnout featured

Spotting and avoiding a burnout

Ruth Tongue and Lucy Faulks set up Elevate, a company which helps businesses improve the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce, as they had both experienced burnout. Burnout in women is a condition less talked about than in men, but equally as debilitating. Qualified nutritionist and sports scientist Ruth Tongue outlines the signs of...
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movement mindset exercise featured

The deep-seated science behind a movement mindset

Carrie Schmitz, Senior Manager of Human Factors & Ergonomics Research, at Ergotron Most of us have heard warnings about how sitting is the new smoking, and how breaking up sitting time throughout the working day has many health benefits. I support this active workstyle based on my own experience using a sit-stand desk for the...
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working on holiday featured

23 per cent of employees admit to regularly checking emails whilst on holiday

If you consider innovations like voice search, digital assistants, productivity apps, inflight Wi-Fi and the fact that according to Radicati Group, around 269 billion emails are sent per day around the world, it certainly seems so. John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices explores the top five reasons why logging off from work devices and avoiding...
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