Don’t slap nasties on your face! Use the purest of the pure…


By Servane Mouazan, ceo Ogunte.

“There are over 10,000 ingredients commonly found in cosmetics which accumulate in our bodies in vast quantities of up to 2 kg per year!” says Joanna Kossak, founder of Gaiavita. These substances have already been shown to produce toxic effects on living systems. We are concerned with lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry – an industry which has the capacity to harm people. Most government agencies do not require manufacturers to prove that their products are safe or effective…”

While on one of their many marketing expeditions, and trying to find something really special to put on their faces, Joanna and her friend Aldona realized that there was an awful lot of vague labeling out there with dubious self-accoladed symbols. So they decided it was time to take ethical skincare seriously…. and cut the greenwash.

While sitting in a spa in Budapest, Hungary, they became enthused by the purity and effectiveness of the herbs and beautifying potions that are such a strong tradition in that part of the world – so much so that it inspired them to create their own range of organic skincare – but with a conscience!

Talks around coffee and cake soon turned into business meetings planning the launch of a new venture early 2010: GAIAVITA, an ethical company using pure ingredients, and based on philosophy that women deserve the best and with strong core principles: responsibility, integrity, transparency and quality.

After a year’s dedication to perfecting the highest quality products, formulated with nature’s finest and most active ingredients, Gaiavita proudly launched its first collection of facial skin care products in April 2011, an initial set of products including day cream, night cream and eye cream, all made of pure organic ingredients. From the beginning, products have been handmade exclusively for the UK in Hungary in small batches and temperatures that do not damage delicate bioactive ingredients. The skincare range has certification by the strict standards of the Hungarian BioKontroll, which is licensed by the EU. All packaging is recyclable and developed using sustainable methods.

Skin care is only one half of the story. Gaiavita actively campaigns to help people make healthier choices. To do so, they form partnerships with women’s organisations that provide information, knowledge, and much needed support.

All facial products are certified 95% organic, which is unique on the market! GAIAVITA harnesses the uniquely rich, active and aromatic properties of Hungarian herbal extracts and essential oils, used for centuries to nourish, protect and energise skin. Key actives include: Royal Jelly rich in vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids, that increases collagen and elastin production; Orange Blossom oil (or Neroli) nourishes skin; Fenugreek extract balances tone and pH of the skin and ginkgo biloba that increases circulation to reduce puffiness and encourages collagen production.

Formulations are jointly created by GAIAVITA and their Hungarian cosmetics laboratory. The team use precious herbal extracts, plant and essential oils, and where possible, fairly traded ingredients. Gentle and safe for all skin types. They do not use SLS / SLES, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene glycol or Synthetic fragrances or any other chemical ‘nasties’.

Joanna Kossak & Aldona Menczyk are fellows of the Ogunte Make a Wave Pre-Incubator for Women Social Entrepreneurs.

To feature Joanna and Aldona at your company events, call 02071270442. Visit or call 0207 127 0442 for product information, advice and online shopping.


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