Empowering Black Health and Wellbeing | Black Inclusion Week

Empowering Black Health and Wellbeing | Black Inclusion Week

15may14:0015:30Empowering Black Health and Wellbeing | Black Inclusion Week


(Wednesday) 14:00 - 15:30(GMT+01:00)

Event Details

Empowering Black Health and Wellbeing will address the critical and often overlooked aspects of health within the Black community.

Wednesday, May 15 · 2 – 3:30pm GMT+1

In a pivotal event of Black Inclusion Week, “Empowering Black Health and Wellbeing” will address the critical and often overlooked aspects of health within the Black community. This comprehensive event will bring to the forefront discussions around maternal health, menopause, black male health, and mental health, all under one umbrella, aiming to uplift and educate on these vital issues.

Why Attend? Participants will be engaged in a series of expert-led discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions focusing on:

  • Maternal Health: Exploring the disparities in maternal care and outcomes for Black mothers, and identifying strategies for improving maternal health services and support.
  • Menopause: Addressing the unique experiences of Black women navigating menopause, including discussions on symptom management and healthcare advocacy.
  • Black Male Health: Confronting the specific health challenges faced by Black men, from hypertension and heart disease to culturally competent medical care.
  • Mental Health: Breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health in the Black community, with a focus on access to mental health services, community support systems, and holistic wellness practices.
  • Preventative Health Measures: Educating on the importance of preventive care, regular health screenings, and lifestyle choices that contribute to long-term wellbeing.

By attending, you’ll gain:

  • Actionable Knowledge: Learn from healthcare professionals about managing health conditions prevalent in the Black community.
  • Empowerment in Healthcare: Understand how to advocate for yourself and your loved ones within the healthcare system.
  • Community Support: Connect with others to build a supportive network focused on health and wellness.
  • Resources and Tools: Discover resources for mental and physical health tailored to the Black experience.
  • Holistic Perspectives: Embrace a holistic approach to health that includes traditional practices and modern medicine.

Confirmed speakers for this engaging event:


  • Bernadette Thompson OBE


  • Alex Holmes
  • Kareen Griffiths
  • More speakers to be announced

Who is this event for: This event is crucial for healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, activists, and anyone invested in the health equity of the Black community. It’s an opportunity to come together, learn from each other’s experiences, and build pathways to a healthier future for all.

Join us to be part of empowering the community towards better health and wellbeing.

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