Ethical Leadership Programme

Ethical Leadership Programme

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The Ethical Leadership Programme, a 6 week online course starting on Wednesday, 17th April – 22nd May 2024

Good leadership involves approaching situations honestly, fairly and equally, which results in compassionately engaging and inspiring those around us.  Thinking and behaving ethically means we need to understand ourselves and others, and this takes practice.  Karen Liebenguth, a life and executive coach, mindfulness practitioner and founder of Parcival has put together this training programme for leaders who want to learn to lead differently. You will be part of a small group of like-minded individuals and during the six weeks will gain:
Enhanced Leadership Skills: 
Refine your leadership skills, focusing on an ethical frameworks, and develop the ability to lead with integrity.
Expanded Perspective: 
Engage with like-minded peers and share your diverse experiences and perspectives and gain a supportive network of peers who share similar values and ethical leadership aspirations.
Personal Growth: 
The programme encourages deep self-assessment and personal growth, fostering greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
Improved Decision-Making:
Enhance your ability to make sound and ethical decisions, positively impacting your organisation and team.
Increased Confidence: 
Develop confidence in your leadership abilities, especially in navigating complex ethical challenges.
Influence and Impact: 
Develop skills that can help to position you to be an influential advocate for positive change within your organisation and community.

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