Future of Endometriosis | Interest, Investment & Innovation | This Independent Life

Future of Endometriosis | Interest, Investment & Innovation | This Independent Life

09mar12:0021:00Future of Endometriosis | Interest, Investment & Innovation | This Independent Life


(Saturday) 12:00 - 21:00(GMT+00:00)


Mary Ward House,

Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN

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Event Details

Let’s bridge the silos and leverage the power of community to positively change the future of endometriosis and women’s health for good.

Following the success of our inaugural, first-of-its-kind, sold-out annual This Independent Life conference in 2023, we are thrilled to be back exactly one year on to host our next Future of Endometriosis conference in 2024!

Join the TIL community in London for this exciting in-person event bringing together different voices and perspectives from across the endometriosis and women’s health space during what we at TIL HQ are terming ‘Women’s Weekend’ (International Women’s Day on 8th, Conference on 9th, and Mother’s Day on 10th!)

Hear the latest advancements in research, treatment options and support for people affected by endometriosis and women’s health conditions, and learn from leading experts including patient advocates, healthcare professionals, academic researchers, startup founders, and more. Together, we will ignite and elevate interest, investment, and innovation to make positive change a reality in endometriosis and women’s health once and for all.


For too long, endometriosis, and women’s health, has not been taken seriously. Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and people who menstruate globally, a similar prevalence to diabetes, yet takes on average 7-10 years to get diagnosed. There is currently no cure, no true understanding of the cause, nor any forms of diagnosis available other than surgery. But there is hope.

This Independent Life exists to help all people achieve health, wealth and fulfliment in life. From workplace talks, workshops and programs, to research, startup and government advisory, to community educational events, we help to bridge the silos, foster community and collaboration, and provide education, support and options to people with endometriosis and women’s health conditions regardless of their background or where they’re at on their journey.

Future of Endometriosis will be a safe space for people with endometriosis and women’s health conditions to learn, share, connect, ideate, and collaborate with others in the women’s health space to leverage the power of community and create positive change for the future of endometriosis and women’s health.

Agenda & Speakers

We have curated an agenda to bring you the latest and greatest in endometriosis and women’s health. There’ll be an exciting and informative mix of panel discussions and expert speakers, roundtable hackathons, networking, and free goodie bags worth £££ including products, discounted resources and options for support through our wonderful partners and sponsors.

Please note for Zoom attendees joining virtually that we will start the meeting at 12:30pm GMT once all arrivals are completed.

  • 12-12:30pm – Arrivals
  • 12:30-1pm – Welcome and open
  • 1-1:30pm – Interest: hear from our expert panel on their stories and experiences and how we can collectively positively change the future of interest in endometriosis through the power of storytelling, media and education
  • 1:30-2:30pm – Investment: hear from a number of thought-leading expert speakers and organisations on what they’re doing to support the future of endometriosis and the benefits of increasing investment in endometriosis
  • 2:30-2:45pm – Break
  • 2:45-3:45pm – Investment: hear from a number of thought-leading speakers and organisations on what they’re doing to support the future of endometriosis and the benefits of increasing investment in endometriosis
  • 3:45-4:15pm – Interest, Investment, Innovation: roundtable hackathon to collaboratively brainstorm how to elevate and ignite interest, investment and innovation for the future of endometriosis with all speakers and attendees
  • 4:15-4:30pm – Break
  • 4:30-5pm – Innovation: hear from a range of voices and perspectives on our panel for how we can collectively positively change the future of innovation in endometriosis once and for all
  • 5-6pm – Thank you and close, followed by networking, good vibes and goodie bags!

Interest panel

  • Dr Tosin Ajayi-Sotubo – GP, Health Educator, HealthTech Advisor, Resident Doctor on Channel 4’s Embarassing Bodies
  • Sarah Graham – Health Journalist & Author or Rebel Bodies: A Guide to the Gender Health Gap Revolution
  • Natalie Meagan-Blake – Health Advocate & Founder of Sunday Sip

Investment presentations

  • Gemma Blisset – Senior Fertility Midwife at Apricity: Navigating Fertility with Endometriosis
  • Dr Sula Windgassen – Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Researcher at Kings College London & Founder of Body Mind Connect : Using Health Psychology to Support Endometriosis
  • Kirsty & Lindsay – Nutritionists & Co-founders of Studio Nourish: Eating for Endometriosis
  • Jodie Hughes – Researcher & Founder of Endo South Coast: Breaking Barriers: Inclusive Research on Endometriosis and its Impact on Healthcare
  • Valentina Milanova – Founder of Daye: Period Pain Clinic for Endometriosis
  • Miriam Szabo – Researcher, University of Oxford: Brain Volume in Endometriosis-Associated Pain Pre and Post-Surgery
  • Charlotte Boundy – Advocate & Figurative Artist: Art – Benefits of Turning Pain into Words
  • Anna and Gabz – Advocates & Co-founders of Menstrual Health Project: Empowerment and Advocation through Education: For Our generation and the Next

Innovation panel

  • Bridget Gorham – Women’s Health Economics Policy Advisor at NHS Confederation
  • Lena Chauhan – Investor, Advocate & Founder of RiseIQ
  • Rhiannon Jones – Futurist


People with endometriosis, people with women’s health conditions and women’s health related issues, friends, family, colleagues, allies, anyone who is working in the endometriosis and women’s health space and/or is committed to supporting advancements in endometriosis and women’s health in some capacity.


This is a not-for-profit event and our ticket sales allow us to cover our costs in leiu of big sponsors (hopefully one day!) Accessibility is important to us and there are a variety of ticket options, including virtual and pay-it-forward, to make the event as accessible as possible whilst remaining feasible (pay-it-forward tickets are to support someone elses attendance in-person or virtually all you need to do it purchase one and it will be assigned, and if you would like to request a free ticket through our pay-it-forward scheme please email [email protected] and a member of the TIL Team will be in touch). Please let us know if you have any dietary or accessibility requirements when you register. Refreshments and networking drinks will be provided, please feel free to bring lunch with you if you’ve not eaten before. If you are no longer able to attend the event, please unregister to allow others on the waiting list to attend.

How to support

We’d love to have as many supporting partners involved as possible to provide accessible and practical solutions to the endo and women’s health community, so if you are interested in getting involved or are able to support in some way for this event, the community, or otherwise, please do get in touch directly via our application form here: https://forms.gle/4ufN6NMxJbedHgvG6

Previous conference reviews

  • “Excellent mix of speakers, researchers and endo warriors – thank you so much!”
  • “Will never stop talking about what I learned.”
  • “The event showed what can come out of reaching out, asking for help, and connecting with others that share this experience. Endometriosis will be tackled through connection, activism and pushing for solutions. Perfect event.”
  • “I attended the This Independent Life panel event and took so much positive energy from it, thank you!”
  • “So much can feel out of control when you’re just diagnosed with endometriosis. It’s the start of the journey, but this event cleared the path and brought a lot of empowerment and clarity.”
  • “Thanks so much Rebekah for your thoughtful and skilful holding of space, it’s needed and appreciated.”

We hope to see you there!

With love and gratitude,


Founder, This Independent Life

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