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One Tech World 2024 | WeAreTechWomen

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Event Details

For more than eight years, WeAreTechWomen has championed women in the tech industry, hosting the acclaimed One Tech World global virtual conference.

We’ve welcomed over 10,000 global women in tech to learn and network as part of One Tech World since 2020. We’re not just another media company; this cause is deeply personal to us. The current representation of women at 21% in the tech sector is insufficient and demands transformation.

To evoke change, we believe in unveiling the true landscape of the future of technology to both existing and aspiring women in the industry. Our goal involves not only showcasing the tech industry’s future but also inspiring women from all backgrounds to consider tech careers. This inclusivity is crucial for crafting products and systems that genuinely represent and serve everyone.

While acknowledging that our conference cannot instantly solve the gender parity challenges in the industry, it serves as a catalyst for progress. One Tech World provides an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the global innovations and disruptions reshaping the tech landscape. Through this, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, empowering them to adapt their skill sets and expand their networks for the future.

About The Conference

In April 2024, we plan to deliver our fifth global virtual learning experience on our cutting-edge conferencing platform. Our conference will serve as a hub for discovering emerging technologies and industry disruptions – and the best part is due to our incredible sponsors, this year it will be FREE to attend.

Renowned speakers from around the world and our alumni of award TechWomen100 award winners will generously share their insights, enriching our innovative sessions covering diverse tech realms. Additionally, we will facilitate career development discussions, fireside chats, and extensive networking opportunities through our chat rooms.

Our agenda is meticulously crafted based on the feedback of our community, ensuring we cater to our community’s needs. Our aim is not just to accelerate their careers but to provide a panoramic view of the tech world and its implications for the future of work.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone from any industry who works in tech

Those looking to transition into the industry

Those who are keen to understand how tech will affect the future of work

Those looking to grow their networks in the tech space

Anyone looking to move within tech sectors

Those who wish to have an insight into multiple tech disciplines

Students and returners

Why Attend?

A chance to learn

Choose from over 40 different tech topics and hear from the most incredible speakers

A chance to Network

Grow your network, find your tribe and find future contacts and potential mentors


Discover career pathways in to tech


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