Five tips for business travel


From networking with high profile clients in the city to travelling abroad, taking a trip for work is often part and parcel of the role of a businesswoman – and today, we’re taking a look at how female entrepreneurs can get the most out of every business trip. From finding comfortable accommodation to identifying local networking opportunities, we’re looking at how to embrace working away from home for best results.

Find your home from home

Travelling with work can be a tiring business, and it pays to find somewhere comfortable and convenient to stay during the course of your trip. If you’re travelling within England and looking for suitable accommodation options, opting for a beautifully furnished holiday rental will help you to introduce a little luxury to the experience and ensure you’ve got a great night’s sleep waiting for you at the end of each day. Private self-catering accommodation is not only practical, but will usually be quieter than a hotel room, too. Relax in the comfort of your own holiday apartment, and enjoy the peace and tranquility far away from any noisy hotel guests.

Network with like-minded businesswomen

Whether you’re meeting with a potential client or marketing a product in a new location, a business trip offers an ideal opportunity to meet with like-minded entrepreneurs. Should you find yourself with some time off, you can make the most of networking opportunities by attending corporate events that are happening nearby.

Check in with home


Maintaining the work-life balance is easier said than done for the majority of entrepreneurs – and when you’re faced with long working hours and frequent business trips, it’s not hard to see why. Last-minute travel plans can wreak havoc on your social life, so make sure that you take the time to check in with loved ones during your trip. Save on the extortionate overseas mobile phone charges by ensuring that your accommodation has a reliable Wi-Fi connection before you travel. That way, you can utilise video chat applications and chat with family and friends (almost) face to face.

Stay safe in unfamiliar surroundings

Whether this is your first visit or you’ve travelled to the area before, it’s important to stay safe in unfamiliar surroundings. Where possible, ask for two keys to your accommodation so that you can keep one key in your purse and the other on your person – meaning you’ll still be able to access your room, should any of your belongings be stolen.

Embrace travelling solo

While taking safety precautions is vital when travelling, it’s important to embrace your business trip and make the most of the experience. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs, conduct any relevant market research as you explore the local culture and seize the opportunity for some downtime by trying new activities.

Last-minute business trips can seem inconvenient, but they actually offer a fantastic opportunity for professional and personal development. By taking some time for yourself and travelling in style, you can combine business with pleasure and ensure your trip is as fulfilling as it is productive.

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  1. Sam

    Such a great post! I’ll keep in mind when the next time I’ll go on business travel. On my point of view, travelling is so important. That’s why I recently decided to rent an apartment instead of going to a hotel. The last time I went on holiday I rent out an apartment with because I felt in love with it. It was the apartment of my dreams. I wanna go back there!