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Every 2 hours in the UK 1 woman dies of ovarian cancer

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and this Sunday for Mother’s Day The Eve Appeal is asking you to join us in

fighting ovarian cancer and helping us to save the lives of mothers and daughters across the UK.

Text LOVE to 70660 to give £5 and send your mum a heart pin

The Eve Appeal funds research to seek improved methods of early detection, test screening methods and potentially prevent gynaecological cancer from developing. 21 women every day will lose their battle with one of the five gynaecological cancers.

For women with ovarian cancer, the current situation is grim. One third of women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer at A&E. By this time they are in crippling pain. By this time the cancer is so advanced that it has reached stage 4. There is no stage 5.

Shockingly only 3% of women are confident of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

We don’t think that this is good enough and as a woman, neither should you.

This March we are asking you to Make Time for Tea. Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours around for a slice of cake and a cup of tea. Hold a raffle, ask for donations and share with them our literature on ovarian cancer.

You can arm the women that you love with knowledge that could save their lives. Even better than that, the funds that you raise will help us to continue our ambitious research programme, that aims to use samples that would have otherwise been wasted from a cervical screening test to screen for further cancers, including ovarian and womb.

Sign up for your free fundraising pack now or click here to learn more about The Eve Appeal

Nb to receive your pin badge in time for Mother’s Day please text before 2pm on Friday

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