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This International Women’s Day let’s celebrate the power and promise of young women and banish inequality and sexist attitudes for good.

Small actions can go a long way in helping young women on their journey to achieving great things. We can all play a part in supporting young women in our lives – as an employer, a colleague, a friend, a parent, a partner.

Young women earn a fifth less than young men each year from the very start of their working lives. Small actions on International Women’s Day and beyond will help to close this income gap.

Young women have told us what support they need on their journey to achieving great things. What will you do?

“Without the coaching I received I probably wouldn’t have kept searching for what I wanted. My coach, was fantastic at positively framing my situation when I was feeling stuck. There isn’t really another service out there that provides support for women in their careers and I’m really grateful that I could access it at this time in my life.”  – a young woman who used our coaching service

How will you get involved?

Ways for your business to get involved…

  • Plan a fundraising activity: Fundraising is a great way to make a big impact on International Women’s Day and engage your team with a fun activity.
  • Get your customers involved: If you’re a retail business, why not get your customers involved by donating a percentage of sales on IWD, or throughout March, to support young women.
  • Create campaigning and awareness-raising content for your social channels: You can add your voice to help raise awareness about the issues young women face.
  • Plan a talk or other event for your colleagues, customers or clients: We’ve put together a speakers’ pack to help you deliver your own learning event. To get a speakers’ pack, please email [email protected]

About Young Women’s Trust:

Young Women’s Trust champions young women aged 18 to 30 on low or no pay. We’re here to create a more equal world of work and raise young women’s incomes.

We offer young women free coaching, feedback on job applications and information to help them get where they want to be.

We bring together a thousands-strong network to support each other, build their self-belief, and have their voices heard.

We work with young women and anyone who experiences misogyny and sexism to campaign for equality in the workplace.

And our research provides insight into what young women’s lives are really like, fuelling our campaigns for change.

For more information and resources please visit:  

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