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HerSay is the UK’s leading media resource centre for female experts. Run by a team of experience PR and media professionals, HerSay offers training, networking and support for women wanting to raise their media profile. The HerSay database features hundreds of expert women covering a huge range of expertise and is free to use.

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About Us

With men outnumbering women on broadcast programmes by four to one, HerSay is the UK’s leading online media resource centre which aims to improve female representation in the media.

We hope that the creation of HerSay will provide the necessary exposure required for broadcasters to take notice of women’s fantastic skills and book them as commentators on their programmes.

Research by City University has found that over a two week period in June 2012, BBC’s News At Ten had nine times the number of male to female experts.

The BBC has admitted that too few female experts appear on the corporation’s news programmes. Organisations including Channel 4 News and Sky News have signed a petition run by Broadcast Magazine to improve female representation.

HerSay aims to help women raise their own profile within their chosen fields by providing support through regular training sessions and networking events. Support will range from media training and public speaking courses through to professional photography shoots and styling advice.

Women with all levels of expertise are being welcomed to join as HerSay – whether they are recognised leaders in their field or have personal stories to tell from their own life experiences.

With women making up nearly 51% of the population, it is important for gender equality that the media more closely reflects their representation in society. We hope that the HerSay media resource centre will serve as a platform to do just that.

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