Interviewing using a positive mindset

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Article provided by Hannah Nash

Everybody knows that interviews can be intimidating!

The key to interviewing successfully is being confident and knowing what you want to tell people. I think it’s important to learn the skills required to ace an interview.

Whenever I work with someone to help them prepare for an interview, I always use the idea of answering in threes. The idea is that when someone asks you a question, you answer with three distinct phrases say for example if someone asks you to tell them about yourself, use three key phrases such as “I am hard working, confident and calm in a crisis”. You would then go into this in a little more detail but always summarise the question again reminding them of your three key answers i.e. “I am hard working, confident and calm in a crisis”. This allows the interviewer to remember you and keeps you at the forefront of their mind when they view other applicants. I think this also leads to the applicant feeling confident and in control of the interview.

On the topic of confidence, I think it is key that we walk into a situation feeling confident and in control. When we feel confident, we can project a stronger sense of self. My advice in helping people feel confident is to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself; and have positive affirmations such as ‘I am the right candidate for this job’, ‘I have worked hard and will be an asset to this company’ or ‘I deserve this position’. Finally, I know what you believe you can achieve.

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