Jenny Pollock | Founder, Coach & Director, Women to Work Ltd

“I’ve got a zillion ideas zooming round my head for my business but struggling to keep all the plates spinning and crystalise my ideas, and even after my first one-hour session with Jenny I had a lightbulb moment. Jenny funnelled my barrage of information, let me draw my own conclusions and sparked ideas. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Emma and I absolutely love what we do and are passionate about how coaching can help the people we work with to see new horizons that best fit their values.

My passion is focused on supporting individuals through coaching to find a work and life that allows them to be fulfilled happy people who are achieving their professional and personal potential and feel empowered, positive, and happy with their work and lives, alongside a passion for supporting organisations to be great places to work for women.

I aim to bring an inspiring, creative, and innovative approach to my coaching. Sessions are non-prescriptive and tailored to the specific needs of the client’s unique situation, with relationships founded on being approachable, positively challenging, and honest. I support my clients to take many thoughts, ideas and thinking and funnel these down with clarity into a focused plan to create the future they want, to be fulfilled, satisfied and happy individuals. I have a particular interest in coaching to improve confidence; manage limiting beliefs and negative self-talk; build resilience and to enable clients to explore their options; to have a voice; to focus on what’s important to them and to consider how to present themselves as the individuals they want to be.

Both myself and Emma are experienced and qualified coaches and have a range of business and life experience that, alongside setting up and running Women to Work since 2014 includes having worked in a self-employed capacity and commercial corporate experience to senior management level as well as strong academic knowledge in the field of coaching and mentoring. Having studied the MSc in Organisational Change and Consultancy Programme – Coaching and Mentoring at Sheffield Hallam University I achieved the Masters qualification in Coaching and Mentoring. Emma and I are both members of the Association for Coaching and the EMCC and engage in regular continued professional development and supervision.

I have broad coaching experience through one to one coaching with individual and organisational clients who come with varied motivations, a range of backgrounds and work life situations; through designing and delivering group coaching workshops covering a range of topics; through having designed and delivered coach / mentor training and through having worked with clients in both the public and private sector across varied industries including the Fire and Rescue Sector, the Energy Sector and the Tech Industry, as well as Universities.

I balance my wonderful work life with time with family and friends, my love of tennis and time walking in the beautiful Peak District.

I hope you will love coaching as much as I do! I am happy to chat through my coaching approach if that would be helpful, just email [email protected] and we can arrange a call.

“I worked with Jenny when taking on a new leadership role in the financial sector. Jenny’s support was invaluable in helping me set out a clear platform for my leadership, for developing my strategy for the team, and for building my resilience and confidence to face the challenges I met. I would highly recommend Women to Work.”


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