New Book Release | SELLER BEWARE : One woman’s road to ruin by Denise Barnes

sellerbeware-bookcoverSELLER BEWARE : How not to sell your business – One woman’s road to ruin by Denise Barnes. Published in April 2013.

If you own your own business you should definitely read this book before even thinking of selling it. Even if you don’t, this book could prevent you being taken for a ride in any commercial transaction. Seller Beware is the story of how Tunbridge Wells based businesswoman Denise Barnes’ attempt to sell her successful estate agency chain descended into a nightmare at the the hands of a pair of charlatans, and how she would have handled things differently had she known of the risks.

Unsparingly honest yet often humorous, Seller Beware uses Denise’s own personal story to illustrate and highlight the myriad pitfalls involved in selling your own business, not to mention the mental anxiety it can cause. To help others avoid what happened to her she had produced this thoroughly researched and accessible layman’s guide – the only one of its kind available. This is essential reading for the many thousands of people each year looking to sell, and is an interesting human story even if you are not a business owner.

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Published by BiteBack Publishing

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