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Rising up | When & how to ask for a pay rise

Despite asking for pay rises as often as men, women are less likely to receive a pay increase than their male counterparts, according to research carried out by Warwick Economics. Requesting a pay rise can be a difficult conversation, but approaching it in the right way is key to a successful outcome. Here, Claire Leigh,...
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Thoughtful Woman-Future Leaders

Is it time to make a change?

The benefits of changing career and how to go about it. Harrison Ford is well known for film roles such as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. However, before becoming a full-time actor, he spent 15 years as a professional carpenter. Anybody can make a career change and it doesn’t have to involve becoming a celebrity....
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Jobs featured

How to leave your job – the right way

On July 17, 1995, Stoke-on-Trent born star Robbie Williams broke hearts across the country by announcing his departure from Take That. Despite the initial distress, Robbie went on to become the bestselling British solo artist in the United Kingdom. Leaving for a new role is not necessarily cause for despair. Here Claire Leigh, managing director...
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Don’t forget about the introverts

It sometimes seems like introverts have the odds stacked against them during job interviews. Because of their reserved nature, they don’t usually make as big an impact as an extrovert on first impression and are sometimes unable to answer questions as quickly as their more outgoing counterparts. Job candidates need not worry though. Just because...
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Working from home with small children featured

Promoting working mothers

In 2016, Citizens Advice reported a 58 per cent increase in the number of women needing advice on maternity discrimination issues. Despite employment rights being protected by law whilst on maternity leave, many women worry that taking leave will negatively affect their career. Here, Claire Leigh director at Brampton Recruitment, discusses how career progression can...
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