burn out

It turns out you can avoid burn out

I’ll admit that it took me a few weeks to put pen to paper and write this article. Ironically, it’s because the last three months have been incredibly jam-packed with lots of exciting and challenging work – the downside, however, is that I’ve been running at full speed without any downtime. So, why I am...
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How career women can avoid burn-out

Despite gender progress in other areas of life, as women in corporate institutions – and company life in general – many of us feel obliged to work twice as hard as men to show how good we are in order to get noticed. And for that reason in itself, women are prone to becoming burned...
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If I stop to take a moment for myself, everything is going to fall apart.

How many of these statements do you find yourself nodding your head to? I’m suffering physical ailments, but I convince myself that they’re not connected to what’s happening in my work / personal life. The idea of taking a break for myself and not ‘doing’ anything makes me feel anxious. I’m defined by how busy...
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