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49 per cent of businesses report graduates lack vital employability skills – how can this be improved? | Claire Granados

Claire Granados, Principal at Quest Professional – a business college focused on equipping A-level and university leavers with the business acumen, employability and interview skills required to fast-track aspiring students into the world of work – gives her opinion on how to equip young people with the essential tools to succeed in the world of...
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Eight tips to build your confidence as a female business leader

Lynn Morrison, Marketing Director Opus Energy Thanks in part to new UK laws around gender diversity, more businesses than ever are creating opportunities for women to step into leadership roles. As someone who recently stepped up into a board role, I know first-hand how exciting and challenging the move can be. On one hand, you...
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How businesses can be more inclusive for women & how to nurture female employees

Article provided by Lisa Forde, Director, Dotty about Paper My online stationery company, Dotty about Paper, employs an all-female team. Although this was not a goal at the outset, the stationery market attracts many strong female applicants. As the team grew, it became clear how women can really benefit a business. Nurturing female talent has...
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The one thing that businesses need more than anything else at the moment – and how to get it

The one thing businesses need more than anything else at the moment is outstanding people. Throughout the turmoil arising out of the numerous challenges facing businesses of all shapes and sizes currently, it’s your people that will make all the difference. Just like in any other business your people are your most important asset. Like...
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How diversity in the workplace can improve profitability

  With the growing publicity and outrage around the lack of diversity and inclusion in British workplaces, business owners concerned about brand perceptions and potential PR blunders (Starbucks anyone?), should instead consider how increased representation in their workforce can actually have a positive impact on profitability. The main points of contention at the upcoming Diversity...
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Commuting in London | How can businesses help employees combat long commutes

Commuting in the UK has always been an issue, with an average commute nearly an hour long at 54 minutes. But, according to Instant Offices, it’s Londoners who bear the brunt of this with the longest commute in the country at 74 minutes – almost twice the worldwide average of 40 minutes. So how can...
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Gender pay gap data is everywhere – but what have businesses learnt from it?

How do you know how valued you are in a workplace? Well, money is a good place to start. And if this week’s flurry of gender pay gap reports are anything to go by, in the UK we do not value the hard work of women nearly as much as that of men. We value...
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Theory Y organisations: The most talented businesses of the future

Why you need to embrace the gig economy The old ways of working are not working. Established attitudes towards permanent, fixed employment are under fire. The arrival of the much-maligned gig economy in fact signals no less than a social, cultural, and business revolution.  In response, businesses are transforming from ‘Theory X’ ways of working...
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