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How to tackle stress in the workplace

  Article provided by Sarah Kirk, Global Diversity & Inclusion Director, PageGroup UK With mental wellbeing and stress awareness reaching more deeply into the public consciousness than ever before, the next natural consideration is how we approach these in the workplace. Mental health problems, including stress, affect one in seven workers in the UK – and...
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Take this quiz to discover whether you’re stagnating at work – and what to do about it

Did you head into work this morning with a spring in your step? Or was it more of a trudge? Thought so… It could, of course, be a case of Monday morning blues, or related to a particular project you have on your plate – but if it’s a feeling you’ve had for a while,...
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67 per cent of Brits are confident they have the skills required for their next job – recruiters think otherwise

67 per cent of British workers are confident that they have the skills needed for their next job – however, recruiters think otherwise. According to new data from global recruitment firm, Michael Page, the skills British employees believe will be important to their careers in 2018, and those recruiters deem most valuable, differ dramatically. When...
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84 per cent of millennials don’t work flexibly from home for fear of criticism

Eight out of ten millennials don’t work flexible from home, for fear of facing criticism from their bosses. New research from global recruitment specialist, Michael Page, has revealed that 84 per cent of office-based millennial employees do not work from home in an average working week – with 82 per cent of those saying they...
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82 per cent of Brits think businesses over-complicate workplace benefits

Eight out of ten Brits think that businesses over-complicate workplace benefits, according to a new survey. The survey, conducted by global recruitment specialist Michael Page, found that many employees thought their workplace benefits are difficult to understand, and hard to use or claim. The survey also revealed that 64 per cent of people believe businesses...
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53 per cent of UK couples admit to arguing with their partner because of work

More than one in two UK couples admit to arguing with their partner because of work, according to a new survey. The survey, conducted by Michael Page, found that 30 per cent of Brits think their partner should move jobs this year, with a variety of different reasons. 39 per cent thought their partner’s current...
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Four out of five children think banking is for men and nursing for women, new study reveals

Young children still view certain job roles as gender specific, according to a study conducted by specialist global recruitment company PageGroup. The study found that four out of five children believe that banking is a man’s job and nursing, a woman’s. Children, aged between seven and 11, were asked to draw a nurse, a builder,...
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Celebrate Bi-Visibility Day ǀ 23rd September 2015

Bi-Visibility Day has been celebrated around the world since 1999 and the aim is to highlight ‘biphobia and to help people find the bisexual community.’ In the run up to the day itself, there are a number of different events to participate in throughout the UK. In Leeds, there is an evening workshop to promote...
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