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Does your company culture align with your values? Three steps to get your values back on track

Most organisations like to talk about their values, with designated sections on the company site that eagerly preach about the company ethos. Company leaders are also the first to tell prospective clients and new employees about their ‘kindness culture’ and ‘environmental awareness’ – but how much of this actually aligns with the company’s actions? Do...
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Heavy workload or inefficient worker? How to spot poor time management skills in the workplace

Time management is a skill that is always required in the workplace. It is important that both employees and managers are both time efficient so that the business has the best chance of success. However it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is inherent poor time management and what is an overloaded employee that...
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How to make strides in leadership

Developing necessary leadership skills can be an unnerving prospect. If you find yourself in a leadership role with limited previous leadership experience, following these simple steps can help you harness the power of this new opportunity. Being a female leader is still accompanied by prejudices however when stepping into this role as a woman you...
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Six ways to get more out of your lunch hour

It’s a real shame that we have got to a point at which eating at your desk has become the widely accepted norm in the workplace. It’s not just unhealthy – picture all of the germs festering in the depths of your keyboard growing from crumbs and dropped food! Shake things up and start making...
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