WeAreTheCity Intern Challenge: Women1st Networking Event

Women1st-internsThe Challenge:

To find out more about women’s networking and events and why they are important to any woman (or girl) working in a corporate or profession.  To help manage the event and what goes into running an event.

What they discovered

Women 1st want to transform the face of boards in hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism, and support women who aspire to senior leadership roles to fulfill their career ambitions.

In 2009, women 1st discovered that, while women make up almost 60 percent of the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism workforce, just six percent of board-level directors are female. In passenger transport, women make up just 25 percent of the entire workforce.
This needs to change, and that’s where Women 1st comes in. At a time when our industries are crying out for skilled managers and leaders, there are thousands of talented women who can step up to the plate, given the right support. Women 1st want to give women the skills, confidence and inspiration to go for more senior roles, help them build their personal networks and help organisations understand how and why they should support their female managers to reach the top.


What they did

When we first arrived at the London zoo where the Women’s 1st event was held, we had to start by decorating the venue. Once all of the tables had flyers on them and the pop up banners were set up we then had the responsibility of checking in the guests attending the networking event. As each guest would arrive we had to ask them for their name hand them their badges and sign them in on a computer based register. Once all of the guests had arrived we had to escort them from the drinks reception to the main venue which we then had to hand out the delegate list so they were able to know who they could network with.

WeAreTheCity Interns 2014 and apprentices were:

Charlotte Smith, Che Sadler, Mia Vallely and Eloise Neal

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