Adventure Psychology: It’s time to turn surviving into thriving

Paula Reid at the South Pole, Adventure Psychology

Everyone is talking about survival at the moment.

Surviving global warming, digital disruption, Brexit, beyond-Brexit, no-deal Brexit, the next recession, controversial world leadership.

But what if instead of focusing on surviving, we aimed to thrive?

This is the point behind Paula Reid’s latest concept – Adventure Psychology, which takes the beneficial mindset of adventuring and adds it into business.

Paula says, “Thriving is about optimum functioning and flourishing no matter what the conditions are and despite life’s inevitable challenges, adversity and uncertainty. Adventure Psychology helps people to perform more happily and with less stress.”

The world today is being described as VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Businesses and individuals need to survive and cope and then focus on thriving in these conditions, both inside and outside of work.

We have to adapt as the world changes around us. Meaning survival of the fittest, is actually survival of those best equipped for surviving. Adventure Psychology helps us to cope without stress, and thrive as we develop evolution fitness, using psychology to boost performance.

You could say extreme adventuring and survival is in Paula’s blood. To date, she has sailed around the world; been one of the 13 women to ski the full distance from Messner to South Pole; cycled the length of 12 countries; and paddled 300 miles in a dugout canoe. Paula explains, “I felt the positive impact of having the right attitude during my very tough challenges, such as skiing to the South Pole for 46 days. I believe our psychology – what we think and feel – impacts our performance by 95 per cent”.

Through Adventure Psychology and alongside World Record Yachtsman Alex Alley, Paula brings her extreme adventuring experience, extensive business acumen and a Masters in Positive Psychology to create a programme that uniquely focuses on Going Knowingly into the Unknown™.

Supported by a team of some of the world’s most accomplished adventurers and business leaders, Adventure Psychology is an entirely new discipline – and never has it been more relevant.

Most businesses will be familiar with Sports Psychology which is about peak performance in fixed conditions. In comparison, Adventure Psychology brings the beneficial mindset of adventuring, building flexibility, resilience and enduring performance in business. It gives individuals the mental capacity and tools to anticipate, and then lead and perform in challenging and uncertain conditions, in context and under pressure.

The ability to ‘go knowingly into the unknown’ – that’s how you thrive, not just survive.

You can find out more about Adventure Psychology here.

Adventure Psychology

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