An extra helping hand for busy professional women

Pixabay pictureAn extra helping hand for busy professional women

Professional women in the UK are an asset to the economy, the Women and Work Commission found that unleashing women’s full potential could be worth £23 billion a year to the Exchequer. To put this into context, this year’s central government budget for Education is £28.6 billion.

However, professional women struggle more than men in terms of work-life balance and sometimes they don’t reach their full potential for lack of support at home and the cost of having someone they trust to help with daily tasks or their kids.

Novus – The London Carers’ Centre Consortium is a charity that has been running a successful service called Homeshare, originally this service has helped older people that live isolated and need an extra helping hand at home as the charity matches them with younger people looking for accommodation and willing to help with daily tasks for 10 hours a week.

Recently, Novus-Homeshare matched professional women that needed extra support at home with young professionals or students that are looking for accommodation and have the time and attitude to help.

Homeshare could help professional women to get extra support at home, have a work-life balance and feel happier while they also help younger professionals and students starting their professional lives in London.

Mini Case Study: Sally and Anita

“I was very overwhelmed with my work load and my duties at home. I really value the free time I get to pursue my hobbies and do the things that make me happy, but it was getting harder for me to cope all on my own. All I needed was someone I could trust to give me a helping hand at home” Householder, Sally.

“I came to London to work and study my degree. I needed somewhere affordable to live and I was willing to help in exchange” Homesharer, Anita

“Homeshare have been wonderful and matched us up perfectly. We get on like a house on fire and have so many stories to share, we know we are helping each other” Sally and Anita.

Novus-Homeshare is a self-sustainable charity, there is no exchange of money between Householders and Homesharers, both parties pay a monthly fee to the charity to run the services and both parties reduce the cost of commercial support services or accommodation up to 80%.

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If you want information about Homeshare visit or email Laura Munoz, Homeshare Portfolio Manager at [email protected]

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