Can you help save the UK’s only Women’s Equality Party?

Women's Equality Party logo

The Women’s Equality Party has never been more needed, but their survival is under threat. In 7 years, they have changed laws, influenced the government, exposed abuse, and refused to accept a sexist status quo.

Now, they need your help. This is make or break for the UK’s only feminist political party.

The party was created in 2015 with a simple goal: to force political change. The WEP use the electoral system to make progress towards equality. Every vote they win shows the old parties that equality matters.

Times are tough for all, and it’s hard to prioritise giving to a political movement at a moment when so many are struggling for basic necessities. But unless we fight back, we will never change the system that created this crisis, and that ensured women are on the front lines of it. 

There has never been a more urgent need for a Women’s Equality Party. 

Please help if you can, by donating or simply spreading the word.

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