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If ‘comm’ is short for communication and unity means “the state of being united or joined as a whole,” then social media is by its very nature – community.

Much of our social lives and connection to our communities are now in this digital age happening through social media and social networks.

Although it might be digital – there are plenty more “face to face interactions” and  relationships happening because of platforms like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

When the connection through these platforms is authentic and real, there is the potential for us to see social media as a tool for increasing our connection and relationships online and offline.

Communication that unites us

A connected web weaving between the physical world and the digital world, our mutual connections, our communities, able to connect and gather,  able to work together in ways they have never been able to before.

That isn’t about clicks and conversions. But social media for the win.

Funny that the word ‘conversion’ is so close to the word conversation. In fact, conversion and conversation are just two letters apart – add AT to conversion and you get conversation.

Conversation is where conversion is really AT

The most impactful things that have happened for my business by being on social media have been through CONVERSATION. Real ones, with real people. Those conversations have come through connections and through community. Old fashioned real-world connection and networking – done digitally and physically.

So, when I get asked the question, “How do we/I/ you create community on social media?” my first response is to tell people to look to the people you actually know or like, to look to friends of friends, colleagues, clients, connections and start there.

We have a real network and community right under our noses on social media that we often overlook the importance and value of, in pursuit of the big numbers. Perhaps it is too simple to think to start where we are, and with who we know or to who we want to know.

Look to who you know.

I would rather be introduced to and have a conversation with a connected community and make an impression or an impact that way. I know this will be way more effective and enjoyable for me, than spending hundreds or thousands of pounds programming sponsored posts or ads.

It is often overlooked because we think we have to have thousands of people following and liking our content on social media, with these automated email sequences and scheduled posts doing the work for us, to make an impact.

When you get to a certain level and are reaching people into the tens, nay hundreds of thousands or millions, then an integration of these tools becomes necessary, and can still be done with integrity.

But not everyone is in that position yet.

I know from the conversations I have on a daily basis with clients and connections, people are craving another way of doing business online, or feeling there is another way to do business online, and still be successful.

And for me community is where that is at.

Talking to your own community on your channel, on their channels, expanding organically through the power of love, connection conversation and good old fashioned social media networking.

Real connection and community in your life both personally and for your business or career is about the strength of the relationship, the strength of the container that that relationship it is held in – be that online or offline.

To make this concept of community and connected community easier and more manageable, rather than seeing it as somewhere to connect with thousands of people, start by seeing it as place to connect with peers, clients, community, people that you know, that know you and grow your connected community from there… You are not speaking to all two billion people on social media, you are not Beyoncé, remember? 😉 It doesn’t need to all be about YOU. It can mean creating a space and a place for people to connect with each other, a fertile ground for growing connections for all, be it around a topic, a mission or simply a space for sharing.

How are you using your social media channels to create community?

Katie BrockhurstAbout the author

Clients call Katie Brockhurst their “Social Media Angel”. It is more than a nickname: It’s a job description, an ethos, a mission statement. A social media consultant for leading international Mind Body Spirit publishing company Hay House UK. Katie has worked with many of their authors including Diana Cooper, Sonia Choquette, John Parkin, Dr. David Hamilton, Yasmin Boland, Rebecca Campbell, Kyle Gray and Lisa Lister. Plus many other well known authors, practitioners and businesses in spirituality and well being.

From London, England with a solid background in broadcast, music and entertainment, working for Sony, BMG Music, BBC Radio DJ Dave Pearce and Wise Buddah Talent. Katie started her own social media agency ’Kdot Online’ in 2007, when the social media industry was in its infancy, after winning a Gold Sony Radio Academy Award in the first ever Best Internet Programme (podcast) category . Kdots client projects included O2 Music, Universal Music, Sony Music, Penguin Books & Harper Collins.

Katie developed her business to match her own passions and life choices, and in 2014 she wrapped up the agency and the demands of running a London office in order to travel the world with her laptop, going solo as a consultant in the MBS industry, where she had established a name for herself with Hay House.

Katie now delivers 121 consultancy, coaching and strategy for authors and experts all over the world online.

She is loved for her simple, positive, actionable strategies that play to people’s strengths and personalities, enabling them to find their passion for content creation in order to create meaningful community and results online.

In her new book, ‘Social Media for a New Age’ – author Katie Brockhurst challenges behaviors on social media in this insightful, warm and positive book. With the average adult checking their phone every 12 minutes its clear there is a problem. She talks about how we can truly switch off, be ourselves and still maintain meaningful connections. A must read for any one in business or just wanting to learn how to adopt a health attitude to social media. Katie’s book is available on Amazon link here at £8.49

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