Do you want to be a charity trustee? Join WorkingFree’s Charity Trustee Community Membership

WorkingFree Charity Trustee

Do you want to be a charity trustee? Join WorkingFree’s Charity Trustee Community Membership.

Charity Trustee work is attractive to many senior executives coming off the permanent headcount and seeking an independent working lifestyle. It is also attractive to those still in permanent employment – but for slightly different reasons.

It can be a relatively easy sector for Individual professionals to get into. You need to have the charitable ethos, in general, and for your chosen Charity in particular.  No remuneration – but usually, reimbursement for direct expenses. Occasionally, there may be some project work, remunerated separately.

The Working Free Charity Trustee Community Group

For those who have a serious interest in Trusteeship roles in Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations, many see as a vital component of this process being part of a manageable, managed and interactive self-help group to stimulate and assess, sift and debate issues that are more easily handled in small groups of like-minded professionals. The value of getting to know others who also feel this way can be a very powerful driver of mutual benefit.

The Working Free Charity Trustee Community Group is suitable for individuals who are considering becoming a Trustee and, also, for those who are currently a Trustee, keen to upgrade their overall effectiveness. This support network will be invaluable to help you become successful and become fully aware of the role and responsibilities, particularly the softer skills that are needed within the charity ethos and environment.

The core activities of a group will include a Monthly Community Group Meet-up covering agenda-driven Charity Trustee matters and group discussion and collaboration. Members will also be invited to join the Charity Trustee Meet-Up LinkedIn Group – which facilities group communication and sharing of contact details. All are encouraged to actively engage with each other.

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