Picking Up The Pieces | The Young Women’s Trust

Young Women's Trust

Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women.

Our annual survey shows that year on year, access to economic justice is blocked for far too many young women due to the systemic inequality they face. Whether that be discrimination in the workplace, a welfare system ignoring their needs, unequal caring responsibilities or spiralling mental health issues because of the heavy load they carry. This year however the coronavirus pandemic and resulting recession has left young women picking up the pieces and exacerbated the existing inequality they face with catastrophic consequences.

This report explores the impact of the pandemic, and what life is really like for young women in 2020, by combining findings from our annual survey of 4,000 young people, with in-depth peer research interviews with 60 young women across England and Wales, we have a unique insight into the economic, mental, and emotional impact the crisis has had.


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