Getting in the press

Use every possible opportunity to get quoted in the press.

If you are not currently a ‘go to’ person for your company’s liaising with the press, make a case for that to change. You might be surprised how lacking your company is in volunteers

If this is not possible consider contacting journalists directly. This is more likely to work with trade journalists. You will need to hit them with a very clear statement about what you are skilled in.

Relationships with journalists need to fostered. Journalists are after someone who can:

(a) respond quickly – remember they are usually running up against tight timescales (particularly on the nationals). If you fail to return their call quickly the copy deadline could well have passed, and they are less likely to call again.

(b) provide expert insight. Journalists (especially on the nationals) tend to be jack of all trades – they positively need the input and credibility of an industry expert. But you do need to be an expert…

(c) offer an alternative (even better controversial) view

Dealing with the press is – of course – a whole subject of its own. We will be publishing more articles in this area in later editions of the OAM.

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