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Creativity make-up with modern hairstyle.I confess that writing this blog is quite a challenge for me. There are so many professionals who write on the subject, and I do not claim at all to be one. What to write that will be interesting and not too obvious? Quite a mission… even for a lawyer 🙂

As mentioned somewhere earlier, I just aspire to share with you my modest experience. I think that the majority of lifestyle/beauty magazines have become so commercial, that one can no longer differentiate between genuine advice and a hidden promotion, their recommendations often make me feel somehow misled.

One important step to looking smart, as we all know, is our hair. If your hair is in order, you are halfway there. I am quite lucky with my hair, it is long, wavy and full. But as it is not straight, it can have a tendency to be frizzy, especially as I am a regular swimmer. I like my hair long and actually find that keeping it healthy and shiny does not really require hard work (though I appreciate that there are some types of hair that may require a greater effort).

Some women visit their hairdresser regularly, I am not one of them… I always find some excuse to not spending an hour or two at the hairdresser’s and not because it is an unpleasant experience, on the contrary, it’s just me (well we cannot all be perfect…). So for my needs, I find the following tips very effective and although they are quite simple, they really deliver so are worth a mention:

  • After a shower keep your hair in braids, and sleep with your hair braided. This will prevent getting up in the morning with puffed hair
  • Forget conditioners and start using hair masks instead. This is a great tip that I got from my hairdresser (who happens to be my brother in law). Conditioners are just not rich enough. Use masks after shampooing to achieve silky, easy to handle hair. Any decent mask will do, I have tried different types and price ranges and the difference in the result was negligible, in my opinion
  • Apply hair oil (Argan based). I found that applying hair oil usually gives better results than using a non-wash moisturiser. The hair oil creates a shiny look and eliminates frizzes (however always start from the ends in order to avoid greasy forehead)
  • Make sure to trim your hair regularly, otherwise it splits and looks lifeless
  • And of course, try and avoid bleaching and when colouring, use natural based products that are less harmful to the hair (and usually are environmental friendly – so an added bonus).

I can definitely tell that ever since I started “masking” my hair and applying Argan oil, I don’t have much if any, frizzy annoying flyways and complimented on my hair being very healthy!

Simple, affordable and deliver results, worth trying isn’t it 🙂

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Noga is the author of 'On the Run Beauty & Lifestyle Blog'. Noga is a Corporate lawyer with experience working for leading firms in London and Tel Aviv. Noga has an LLM in International Financial Law from King's College London (with Merit) and first class degrees in Law and in Economics from Haifa University, Israel. Noga can be reached directly on [email protected] Check out Noga's Blog - On The Run Blog.

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  1. Cadena Josie

    As you posted, after shower keep hair in braids, and sleep with hair braided I just want to know which [url=]hair braiding styles[/url] is required, means I know some of the popular braiding types like kinky twist, fluffy twist or bomb twist etc. Is it in my knowledge or any else?

  2. Cadena Josie

    Does hair bleaching causes cancer? I have gone through an article somewhere in magazine, it is rumor of fact?

  3. Cadena Josie

    Very Nice..Thanks for sharing such information
    The tips given in blog regarding hair care is very useful I ll definitely try it out.