How to make your social media channel a turn-on instead of a turn-off

When it comes to managing social media channels it can certainly be challenging, especially when it comes to how to keep an audience engaged at all times and have all the content be a turn-on instead of a turn-off.

Skai Social, a UK-based, social media management/influencer marketing agency, has a unique key within their courses, and one that empowers women in business to take the lead on their own social media channels, and become expert themselves and to help their businesses thrive.

Skai Pakalnyte, owner of the SME agency, in this short interview below, gives insider tips for those who manage social media channels, on how to be on top of their game at all times.

The biggest turn-on, on social media, is: personality! If you’re being authentically ‘YOU’, then you will attract an audience that respects and agrees with you. By showing up as unapologetically, not-perfect, but realistic, relatable, make someone laugh: you will have people addicted and coming back for more. If you’ve nailed your niche, you will have people wanting your opinion on the latest news and topics!

A good example, is when clients who show up on monthly LIVES, and talk on videos about their products.  These people are striving, because this is how the industry is shopping and browsing on social media now. The more relatable you are within your expertise, the more chances of a successful customer match for the brand or channel.

The biggest turn-off on social media is: inconsistency. If you are posting once a week and then you disappear for a month this will confuse your audience and simply might make them not see your posts with the new algorithm. Also, if you suddenly change the topic you were once passionate about, but are not currently, this may also result in unfollows because you are no longer connecting with your audience to what they were expecting.

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Building a community on social media is extremely important because community involves: people. People bring personalities, reliability and well, human interaction! Clients that demonstrate community well are those working with content creators, working on fun trends and getting involved themselves as a business owner: to connect with their community.

There are 5 top formula tips I teach to keep accounts authentic at all times:

  1. Educate – Provide value, think about your ingredients, introduce your staff, how is your product made and why is it so amazing?
  2. Inspire – Entertainment is growing on all social platforms, if you can make someone feel good and even better, laugh then you are on to something. Allow your audience to connect with you through inspiring content that allows them to feel welcomed and safe in your environment. It’s a little like inviting someone into your home, you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed and at ease.
  3. Create – Make sure you are staying consistent with texts, fonts and are creating content that has ‘viral potential’. You want to know all the latest audios and current trends to have more of a chance to be seen by a wider audience.
  4. Collaborate – Don’t forget to work with others! This can be done via Influencer marketing, working with friends, family, your partner and your clients. People love to see real results from real people, now more than studio-shot perfect pictures.
  5. Promote – Of course, you are here to sell! So don’t forget to have a good sales strategy in place alongside all of the beautiful content. You can promote yourself via client testimonials, showcasing your products, and services in fun ways whether that’s speaking on a Reel or TikTok, doing LIVES or sharing a carousel of studio photos.

The future is all about COMMUNITY. It is going to be more interactive than ever. We are already finding more and more ways to work remotely, speak online and even host events – online. The community will stay strong online but also, in real life. So before you post again be conscious that something genuine brings communities and people together and keeps them engaged or turned on at all times.

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