Here’s how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Creating a standout LinkedIn profile can greatly increase your chances of catching the attention of prospective employers or opportunities. Employers and employees will often check your LinkedIn profile before reading your CV so make sure you have an eye-catching, focused and engaging profile to make a good first impression.

Here are some tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile stand out:

Profile picture

Use a professional and high-quality headshot as your profile picture. Dress appropriately and maintain a friendly yet professional demeanour.


Craft a compelling headline that summarises your expertise and value proposition. State your current job title, and highlight your key skills and achievements.


Write a concise and engaging summary that showcases your unique qualifications, accomplishments, and career goals. Use keywords relevant to your industry and include specific examples of your work and achievements.


Provide detailed information about your work experience, including your job titles, responsibilities and achievements. To draw attention, use action verbs when possible. Focus on showcasing your relevant skills and experiences that align with the job you’re targeting.

Skills and endorsements

Highlight your key skills by including them in the Skills section. Prioritise the most relevant skills for your target job. Seek endorsements from colleagues, supervisors or industry professionals to validate your skills.


Request recommendations from previous employers, colleagues or clients who can speak to your abilities and work ethic. Positive recommendations add credibility to your profile.

Education and certifications

Include your educational background and any relevant certifications you have obtained. Don’t forget to highlight honours, awards or notable projects that you achieved during this time.

Projects and publications

Showcase any notable projects or publications you have been involved in. Include links or attach relevant documents to provide tangible evidence of your work.

Volunteer experience

If applicable, list any volunteer or charity work you have been involved with. This demonstrates your dedication, commitment and ability to contribute beyond your professional life.

Media and content

Share articles, presentations or other media that showcase your expertise.


Actively engage with other professionals in your industry by joining relevant LinkedIn groups, participating in discussions and networking with peers. This helps expand your network and increases your visibility.

Customise your URL

Customise your LinkedIn profile URL to make it more professional and easier to share. This will also improve your search engine visibility.

Regular updates

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your latest accomplishments, projects or professional development activities. Regularly share relevant news, insights or articles to demonstrate your engagement.

Remember to always maintain professionalism, proofread your content for errors and ensure your profile is consistent with your CV and other professional branding materials. With these strategies, you can create a compelling LinkedIn profile that stands out to prospective employers.

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