How to resolve the problems that keep you up at night

woman lying awake at night

There she was… lying in bed at 3 o’clock in the morning, wide awake. For the third night in a row! The stress and worry about where her next client was going to come from was taking its toll. She knew she was overthinking the problem. If she could just stop thinking, maybe she could get some sleep, and figure this out in the morning.

Woah! This client was having a hard time!

She knew her wildly racing mind was doing more harm than good, but she couldn’t turn it off.

Have you ever had a night like this?

Here is what I explained to her. (Read on, because if you overthink the problems in your business, this will help you too.)

My client was trying to use her analytical mind to solve her problem, without allowing her intuition to guide her.

At school we’re taught how to figure things out. We learn how numbers work within a system, how to put together letters to form words, and so on.

We use our analytical mind to solve these problems and with increased use, it grows stronger and stronger.

We’re rewarded for figuring out complex problems. Our caregivers and teachers pat us on the head for passing exams.

Our analytical minds are highly prized.

And we continue to use our analytical minds to fix problems throughout our lives: relationship problems, work problems, lack-of-confidence problems. We expect our analytical mind to be capable of solving every type of problem that crosses our paths. We think and think about the issue, pushing against it, trying to get to the solution.

But more often than not, we end up plunging into a downward spiral of confused thinking, full of overwhelm, frustration and pain. And then we have sleepless nights because our brains aren’t able to turn off and give us a break.

The thing is, your analytical mind is not there to find a solution to every problem in your life. It’s there to help with some challenges, but it was never designed to give you the answer to everything.

If you’re going round and round in circles trying to resolve problems that refuse to go away, I invite you to try this Inner Peace Process.

Stop thinking about your problem

Just let it be.

When you keep trying to fix it using the same thinking that created the problem, you can end up hitting a brick wall, which can be exhausting and push the answer further away.

Be unattached to how to solve your problem. Make the intention that the perfect easy and joyful solution will come to you, and move on with your day.

Welcome the problem

Tell it you know it’s there as a signal for you to go deeper within yourself to find the answer. This has come up as a golden opportunity to grow personally. There’s a valuable lesson to be learnt here, this will help you to create a stronger and more flexible mindset.

Ask for the solution

Close your eyes, sit with a quiet mind, go within and ask your wisdom for the solution to your challenge. Sit quietly. Give yourself time.

Be patient with yourself. If you get an answer, great, if not, that’s fine too.

Give it trust and time

If you don’t get an answer right away, do not try to figure it out. Trust the answer will come to you in its own good time. It will be worth the wait because an answer that comes from your wisdom is worth its weight in gold.

Just like you had to train your analytical mind to fix problems, so you can also train your wisdom to give you the solutions you’re looking for, by trusting that your higher self will give you an aligned answer that will make you say “Of course, that’s it!”.

Do yourself a favour and give your overused analytical mind a well deserved break.

And take every opportunity to hear and learn from your wisdom. It’s there, rooting for you 24/7.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What problems keep your brain stuck in an endless loop? How do you find your answers? Please email me an [email protected] – I read every email!

I’d like to gift you my video training to Smash Through your Income Glass Ceiling which shows you how to connect with your inner power to solve your problems instead of looking to the outer world for the answers.

I’m a Peak Performance Mindset Coach and LOVE helping my clients to tap into their Inner Peace so they can step into their magnificence to create a life that brings them huge joy and success.

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