Introducing Botton UK fitness wear


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For fitness trainer Hugo Camacho, women at his classes wanted two things: first, to get in shape, and second, to wear clothes that made them look and feel great while getting fit.

To get in shape, the answer was simple, even if it meant some hard work – go to regular classes you enjoy, whether it’s body conditioning, zumba, trampoline fit or boot camp.

To find the perfect fitness gear was slightly more difficult. Some clothes looked stunning in the store, and even when tried on. But within a few minutes of a class starting, they let you down. They turn out to be for show, not for a workout. Other brands were functional but frumpy. Nothing seemed to fit the bill of looking and feeling great in the gym.

Then Hugo remembered a brand from his home country of Portugal – clothes that were different because they had been designed by a fitness trainer not a fashionista, and which are made locally to the most stringent quality standards.

The brand is Botton

Hugo brought some samples for his clients. Many of the women who go to his classes have high-powered, professional jobs. They range from bankers, accountants and lawyers, to journalists on glossy magazines and more than a handful in the media.

Hugo says: “What they have in common is that they work in businesses that won’t accept second-best, often in City firms where it’s important to look extremely good as well as to perform at the top of your game – every single day. They expect the same from their fitness classes – and from their fitness clothes!”

Spurred on by the enthusiasm for Botton of the women attending his classes, Hugo secured an exclusive license to market the Botton brand in the UK. He has a website, and regularly attends dance and fitness conventions to showcase the range (the next is the Latin Dance Festival at the Heathrow Park Inn, 10 – 12 October 2014).

Hugo says: “Botton is feminine, stylish and sophisticated. The clothes really do bring flair to women who want to look good and feel great – whether in dance, fitness, Pilates, yoga or even at home as loungewear.

Our collection pieces are so versatile that you won’t feel like taking them off! Instead you’ll wear your leggings from the gym to work & even when going out.”

Since its UK launch less than a year ago, Botton has proved popular not just with fitness enthusiasts, but also with dancers, gym instructors and personal trainers – all of them demanding the very best in comfort, quality and durability.

So how does Botton combine both form and fashion?

Because the range was created by fitness professionals, they knew exactly the right qualities for hard-wearing yet comfortable clothes for the gym or class. The choice of material is crucial. Botton uses performance-enhancing fabrics such as Supplex, a dry-fit advanced technological fabric. It shapes the body with greater firmness, giving better support during exercise. The collections are then tailored for durability and comfort, as well as style and design.

Hugo says “What really surprises people when they feel the fabric, is the quality. You can tell straightaway that it’s going to hold its shape. Just as importantly, it washes very well, and really lasts.”

There’s also more than a dash of Latin flair in the styling of the clothes, with bright colours and innovative styles. Digital printing is used to produce vivid patterns that never fade. The range is constantly being updated, with new designs or colours being released every month – so there’s always something new and different to wear. No longer does gym gear have to be shapeless, black and boring!

So that’s the challenge of looking and feeling great solved.

But as for getting in shape – that still needs the time and effort of going to class….

Here’s what some of Botton UK’s customers say:

“Hugo’s Botton Fitness wear is gorgeous! I am thrilled with these high quality, beautiful and colourful pieces. They keep you tucked and sucked in, in all the right places!! You’ve got a fan for life.” – Aury, accountant

“Botton fitness apparel is well fitting, comfortable and super stylish! It offers great quality for a fair price and you can wear their pieces as lounge wear or for dance as it’s so versatile!” – Marie, Dentist

“Botton Fitness Wear is my latest best discovery! I absolutely love it! It has very tight material that gives your body a great shape by holding it; it’s comfortable and very, very stylish. The brand uses fluorescent colours that will make you bright and noticeable in every single training class you’ll go to!” – Julia Architect

PS If you think your boyfriend or husband needs smartening up at the gym, Botton plans to launch a menswear range in time for Christmas.

Hugo Camacho has been in the fitness industry for more than fifteen years, teaching in health centres & gyms in the UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy as well as on several cruise ships.  He currently has weekly classes at Danceworks in central London. For the past 6 years he has been developing his personal training programme whilst also attending conventions and workshops, and undertaking extensive research. The four key elements in his approach to fitness are posture, exercise, strength and tone.

Twitter: @ukbottonfitness