Match your jewellery to your outfit

How you accessorise an outfit can make or break the look. If you get the accessorising wrong, a brave outfit can just look trashy. Similarly, a simple outfit can look dull if the jewellery isn’t right. Think about the occasion and the outfit you’re going to wear then choose the jewellery last, rather than building the clothes around the jewels.

Formal occasion

If you’re attending a wedding or a black tie event, the attire will likely be very formal and dressy. You need to think carefully about the fabric of your outfit because this will have a huge influence on your accessories. A sparkly dress or one with heavy embellishment and sequins needs the simplest accessories that won’t distract from the outfit itself. In these circumstances, go for small, plain stud earrings and maybe a small ring. Keep it to a minimum and let the outfit do the talking.

Summery days out

In the warmer weather, prints tend to feature heavily. This lets you have a bit of fun with jewellery and incorporate some colour into it. A few multi-coloured bangles and brightly coloured earrings will look great, as long as the colours complement the ones in the print of the outfit. If in doubt, stick to plain metal jewellery, but don’t be afraid to go large. Big, clip-on hoop earrings will draw attention to your face, without overpowering the outfit.

Office wear

There is generally a level or formality in office attire so things need to be kept simple and professional. If you’re wearing a suit, go for a statement necklace to brighten the outfit up a bit. A couple of rings can also look sophisticated, without being too much. If there is a strict uniform policy, keep it minimal with some stud earrings and a watch. Be aware of what’s acceptable in the workplace before adorning yourself with gems and sparkles.

Date night

If you’re heading out for a nice dinner or drinks, you can have a bit of fun with your jewellery. Ultimately, you want to look classy and sophisticated to do mix it up, but don’t go overboard. A statement ring will look fabulous with a little black dress and some pretty heels. Layering up a few necklaces also gives an element of fun to an outfit and looks great with smart trousers and a pretty top.

Cocktails with the girls

A girly night out is the perfect opportunity to bring colour into your jewellery. Go for some big earrings with different coloured gems in them and add a ring to match. Again, you need to make sure the colours coordinate with the outfit. If you’ve gone for all black, you can use a multitude of coloured gems and crystals to make your outfit sparkle. A matching pretty bracelet and some dangly earrings will offset a simple outfit perfectly.

Personalise your outfit

You may have some jewellery that has a lot of sentimental value. Some people have a set of jewellery that they wear everyday without fail. This doesn’t mean you have to remove it to wear other items though. If you have a particular necklace on a dainty chain that you’re fond of, try putting the pendant on a chunkier chain with a different length to mix it up. Or put a couple of your favourite rings onto a string of leather and wear them as a bracelet. Don’t be afraid to personalise your jewellery and wear it in a different way to how it was originally designed. You can even pin a long necklace into your hair for a unique take on head jewellery.

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