Perfecting the art of self-promotion for female entrepreneurs | Infographic

Whether you cashed your first check, landed a high-paying client, or managed to catch the eye of an investor, bringing attention to your success is important for the upward movement of your business venture.

However, many female business owners find that highlighting personal success in front of peers is particularly challenging.

In fact, studies show that women claim that self-promotion is the hardest part of career development. Since their hard work goes unnoticed, women can often be looked over for partnership opportunities and investor backing. Currently, less than ten per cent of venture capital backed businesses have a woman at the helm because women in business are often perceived to be less competitive than male entrepreneurs. This systematic exclusion makes self-promotion a vital for any woman entrepreneur.

If self-promotion is a challenge for you, try using these tips from ZenBusiness in daily conversations with partners and peers and master the art of celebrating your success.

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