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Project 28-40 is a research report by Opportunity Now and PwC who surveyed 25199 people covering the following aspects

  • Attraction and ambition of women
  • The importance of career development opportunities and support
  • Reality of workplace culture and barriers
  • Role models in the workplace
  • Leaving: why and where do they go?

This report is a reality check for UK employers – there is a gap between organisational policies and the actual experiences of 28-40 women at work, including real challenges on bullying and harassment.

  • Women want excellent line management and basics at work – this is far more important than creating more female-only programmes.
  • There is plenty of good news – women are ambitious and confident, and are actively seeking opportunities to advance their careers. Companies are also trying hard – but their efforts are often off-target.
  • Not all women are the same. It is important for employers to recognise several phases and different evolution of women’s careers and ambition, and to recognise that women of different backgrounds and identities may face particular challenges.

Download or view the full report hereProject 28-40 The Report

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