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For me, day to day management at BMG means communicating between our nationwide offices, planning and executing strategy for future growth, and ensuring our workforce is in top shape for its next challenge.

As you can imagine, managing this business requires a lot of concentration, preparation and cooperation! Commercial relocation means that a flexible and adaptable approach is absolutely necessary in order to move forward, literally!

Health and business…

Running the Business Marathon! (F) Business Management
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The nature of business relocation demands a lot from BMG’s skilled workforce. Similarly, the logistical issues which each individual move presents means the managerial team need to be on top of their game, both physically and mentally. In many ways, much of BMG’s work can be seen as a type of endurance event: you plan, you prepare, you move, and then recover, all in the quickest time possible. With this idea in mind, I am a strong advocate for good health as the best compliment to great business practice.

A different perspective…

No matter how many times we are told of the benefits of exercise – for both physical and mental wellbeing – it can be all too easy to put off. However, in my experience, exercise can benefit your life in unexpected ways, particularly in a professional capacity. Exercise, and good health in general, gives you clarity and a sense of perspective. The opportunity to see things with a different set of eyes can often be the missing piece which helps crack a problem which has been holding a project back. Going for a run, cycle or even just a walk can often give you that vital space which is needed to approach and solve problems in a different way.

Understanding teamwork…

Commercial relocation involves the cooperation of hundreds of people and teamwork is essential. The moves which we carry out are often done in phases as the companies we move need as little downtime as possible. Working in this way means that you inevitably encounter an obstacle so the ability to understand and cope with problems collectively is crucial to the ongoing success of any business. Being able to work together with a shared end goal usually means problems are solved quickly and the move is completed successfully. Not only does exercise provide you with clarity, it also develops your ability to work with others.

Individual and collective goals…

I recently took part in the Cotswold 100 mile run challenge, an event which demanded teamwork as well physical endurance. Being part of this experience was comparable to a really strong business. Every one of us had our own individual targets – but we shared a common goal. We supported each other, sometimes at the expense of our own reserves, to ensure that everyone stayed on course and hit target. Some needed more support than others, with different ways of coping, but we all shared the absolute elation that we had made it. This demonstrates the positive role exercise can have upon professional life, the lessons you learn in these events carry over into work and help you to move forward, individually and as a high performing team.

Finding your own way…

While endurance challenges are my own personal way of mixing things up, this type of exercise may not necessarily work best for you. Do seek out what works best for you, whether it’s an endurance challenge or an evening walk, you will see an improvement in workplace productivity. People always ask me why I put myself through these difficult events, but the honest answer is – it’s exhilarating. I love a challenge and I love surprising myself at what can actually be done. This is my philosophy for work, life and play. Finding an activity which gives you balance will enable you to make greater strides in all walks of life, both personal and professional. Try it!

Rachel Walton

About the Author:

Rachel Walton, Managing Director, Business Moves Group

Rachel is responsible for the day to day management and the strategic growth of Business Moves Group. Rachel is a company wide mentor and a change agent in the business and thrives on decision making and innovation. She works with a strong management team and continues to develop close relationships with the client base and has overall responsibility for HR, Health and Safety and compliance.

During her tenure, Rachel has restructured the organisation, grown the business divisions and rebranded the company. She heads up the bid team for major contracts to deliver sustainable client solutions fit for purpose. She has held a number of positions at BMG in project management, operations, sales, as commercial director and most recently managing director. She is passionate about evolving the company and making it a fun and effective place to work.

Business Moves Group is also proud to support a charity in Sierra Leone, a place close to the hearts of BMG directors. The company regularly packs and ships useful equipment to their sponsored orphanage, St Georges and are planning additional visits in the coming year to evaluate further requirements.

Her interests outside of work include running, cycling and many other outdoor pursuits and regularly sets herself physical challenges such as ultrathons, The London to Brighton bike ride and endurance walking. She is a dog lover and enjoys spending time with her family and getting involved with local charities.




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