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Professionals are constantly seeking avenues to enhance their skills and remain competitive, with 81 percent of UK employees agreeing they would be happier in their current roles if they had further opportunities for personal development.

But while pursuing an apprenticeship alongside an established career can yield remarkable benefits for both the individual and the organisation, apprenticeship opportunities for experienced professionals remain lacking.

This National Apprenticeship Week, Andy Sison, Consulting Manager at Good Travel Management, shares his experience of undertaking a Data Foundations Analytics apprenticeship alongside his existing role and how this has benefitted both his career and the organisation.

What made you decide to embark on an apprenticeship at this point in your career?

Having already undertaken a Business Management degree through Good Travel Management, I knew I wanted to explore additional avenues of further education to benefit my career and give myself a competitive advantage.

Taking on the Data Foundations Analytics apprenticeship alongside my current role as Consulting Manager seemed the perfect way of expanding my professional repertoire and enriching my skill set while contributing meaningfully to the organisation.

How is your apprenticeship benefiting your current role?

My apprenticeship has helped me to refine and adopt new working practices that are instrumental in my role.

Through intensive training in analytical methodologies and proficient data delivery mechanisms, I’ve cultivated a robust skill set that empowers me to provide colleagues, both internally and externally, with actionable insights.

This has not only optimised the efficiency and effectiveness of my job but is also helping me to drive strategic decision-making within our organisation.

How are you balancing undertaking your current role alongside an apprenticeship?

It’s no secret that balancing a full-time job with an apprenticeship comes with some challenges.

Achieving balance between my current responsibilities and apprenticeship demands required meticulous time management and unwavering dedication. By conscientiously blocking out dedicated time slots in my schedule, I make sure I have plenty of time to immerse myself in the apprenticeship curriculum and build new skills.

I’ve also found that, because my apprenticeship dovetails with my existing work and responsibilities, the integration of the two has been fairly seamless.

What tips can you give to anyone to ensure that they find the right work-life balance?

I expect the challenge of maintaining a healthy work-life balance will be a pain point for many people considering an apprenticeship alongside their current role. But people shouldn’t let this concern prevent them from bettering their careers and prospects.

Set aside time for your learning, but also dedicate some time outside of work for leisure and self-care. Finding a balance between work and personal life is always important, but even more so when completing an apprenticeship.

I’d recommend setting a structured routine and embracing proactive time-management strategies to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

Why would you recommend someone to complete an apprenticeship alongside another role? What advice would you give them?

Completing an apprenticeship offers fantastic opportunities to build your skills at an individual level and advance within your career, especially if you’re strategic in the course you pick. Aligning your apprenticeship with your current role will help you cultivate specialised knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to your career trajectory.

To anyone considering undertaking an apprenticeship, I’d advise you to keep an open mind and embrace the opportunity for learning and self-development.

You should also take advantage of any support networks your business may offer and prioritise self-care even while pursuing professional advancement.

Rachel Lowe, Chief People Officer of Good Travel Management, commented:

“At Good Travel Management, we believe in providing robust career progression opportunities for apprentices, recognising them as the future pillars of our organisation. Apprentices at Good Travel Management not only receive comprehensive training but also ample opportunities to refine their skills, explore diverse facets of the industry and chart a fulfilling career path.”

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