Why you should shop fierce and female this Christmas

The retail industry is rife with ethical problems. From the way materials are manufactured to the treatment of people in the production line, it carries a rich and long history of oppression. This has a particular impact on women.

The Shop Fierce and Female campaign, spearheaded by interiors and fashion brand, Age of Reason, is standing up in response to this problem. The campaign is calling on you to buy your gifts from ethical, female-led brands this Christmas. Luckily, there’s a whole range of amazing businesses to choose from.

There are eleven brands taking part in the campaign, each with an empowering message and an ethical business structure. Many are artisans, taking their trades back to their roots and producing beautiful, handmade garments. Discover the full Christmas gift guide here.

Age of Reason is on a mission to empower women to stand up and stand out, with a fierce style that never compromises. They are doing this by delivering important messages about feminism and diversity and fostering a supportive, inspiring community. All of Age of Reason’s designs tell a story. They are not only statement pieces but symbols of the fight for equality, for the power of female voices and for standing up for what you believe in.

This ethos is also evident in their supply chain. Age of Reason are on a mission to change the way the high-end fashion and interiors industries function by proving luxury can be ethical, inclusive and playful. They manufacture in the UK with an independent production line, largely made up of other female-led businesses, who use ethically-sourced, local materials.

Shop Fierce and Female is more than just another Christmas campaign, it is a powerful reminder of the impact we as consumers can have on the world around us. While we may not be able to dramatically change the way the fashion industry operates, how we choose to spend our money over the festive period does make a difference. This is especially powerful when you consider that our combined Christmas expenditure in 2016 was a record breaking £77.56 billion.

Let us use our buying power for good this Christmas. Let’s think more thoroughly about where we spend our money, turn our back on unethically produced, cheap tat and instead invest in beautiful, handcrafted products from independent boutiques. Shop Fierce and Female is a call to action that should lead us powerfully into 2018 and beyond.

About the author

Sophie Turton, Freelance writer and director at The Joyful Web

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