Stress busting solutions for female entrepreneurs

Stressed woman suffering from a burnout

Eat. Sleep. Achieve.

If only our daily routines were that simple! No matter how much we plan and organise our businesses, life will continue to throw curve balls at us on a regular basis.

In order to keep our sanity, it is crucial that we have a bank of stress busting techniques to fall back on when times are tough!

Here is my go-to selection of stress management strategies that you need to know about.


When your mind is exhausted, it may seem counter-intuitive to physically exert yourself too, but it is without doubt one of the best things you can do! Any form of exercise helps to lower anxiety and reduce tension that may be building up. It also serves as a long-term health protection habit – people who regularly indulge in daily exercise have higher numbers of immune boosting natural killer cells, and a reduced risk of contracting infections.

An often heard excuse is that there is simply not enough time in the day to commit to exercising, yet it is important to consider the business benefits it brings. Better physical health and reduced illness are two main advantages of an exercise programme, and these lead directly to improved productivity levels and enhanced work performance.

Eat Well

Caffeine is the stimulant of choice for many entrepreneurs, and when used in moderation it can help to fuel the day ahead. However, when stress levels begin to creep up, continuing to gulp coffee is a bad choice, as it is likely to negatively effect our mood and mental clarity. Herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile are excellent alternatives – they manage to keep the mind alert, while also having a relaxing impact on our muscles and digestive tract.

Sugar is another no-no. Avoid soft drinks and comfort food, as they will simply prolong your stress issues rather than curtail them. Adaptogens are an amazing group of herbs that truly enhance our ability to deal with life pressures, so be sure to reach for herb rack and not the candy cupboard!

Mind Matters

How often do we evaluate our mental health? For most of us very rarely. While we can easily recognise a bodily ache, we tend to completely neglect our mental health and rush headfirst into the pressures of our daily lives! Simply by asking a simple question – ‘how is my mind today?’ – can we pre-empt and deal with any stress that is accumulating.

Meditation is the process of being more mentally aware, and can range from a few minutes of eyes-closed deep breathing, to longer sessions that aim to relax a troubled mind. The good news is that in either form it works! Next time you are pressured, take yourself to a quiet place and practice using deep breathing to release tension – it is likely to inspire you to investigate meditation and mindfulnesss further!

By focusing on these three key areas, and incorporating a small element into each working day, you will find that your very own stress release valve has been created!

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