Kate Allen

Are transferrable skills key to getting you the job you want?

Looking back ten years, the workplace was a completely different place. There are many things that we’re discussing now – from remote working to employee wellbeing and engagement – that simply didn’t exist in the public consciousness just a short while ago. Given these changes, it’s unsurprising to find that candidates and recruiters have a...
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The value of networking: How you can make the most of business opportunities

When you’re just starting to build your career or your company, networking can seem daunting. However, plucking up the courage to walk into a room of professionals on your own can be so worthwhile. According to LinkedIn, 80 per cent of professionals believe the ability to make contacts is key to career success and 85 per cent of...
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The perfect CV: reading between the lines

You think you’ve found your next candidate, and they look good on paper, but how do you test this before you hire them? Many roles need specific skills, so how do you check that your next digital marketing officer can use Google Analytics? Or that you’ve secured an accounts clerk with a meticulous eye for...
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Promotion vs new job: what should you go for?

You’ve been in the same workplace for a while and you’re considering whether to push for promotion or find a new role elsewhere. Or maybe you’ve been successful in your job hunt, only to receive a surprise offer of a new title from your current manager. Having the choice between advancing within your organisation and...
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Never say these things in a job interview!

Even experienced professionals get nervous during interviews – if there’s a role that you’re keen to secure it’s natural to feel under pressure. When you feel apprehensive, keep calm and remember that this is your chance to make an impression. Most interviews are straightforward, as long as you’re prepared and steer clear of potential pitfalls....
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How to use social media | The ‘must-have’ tool in your job hunt

Finding a job takes a significant proportion of candidates’ time and energy but utilising social media networks is a good way to significantly reduce that admin time. Sit back and let your admirers come to you with armfuls of interviews and opportunities instead. According to recent research, over 80 per cent of the adult population regularly...
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Don’t get downtrodden during the job hunt with these motivators

For most of us, looking for a job can be a stressful. It might be that you’ve been made redundant, you’re not happy in your current workplace or that you’ve had a change in circumstances. Whatever your situation, it’s important to stay positive and remember that your situation is only temporary. For those of you...
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Will your job be around in 20 years?

It has been reported that as many as one in three jobs in London will be lost to automation by 2038. That’s a shocking statistic, but what does this really mean – should candidates fear for their future, or recognise the opportunities that technology will present? According to research conducted by Gartner, as many as...
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