Top 10 tips on how to be more confident in all areas of your life starting from now

Confidence at work

Self-confidence is essential to our health and happiness in life. When you have greater confidence, you believe in yourself and can take on greater challenges.

Sometimes we can have bad experiences that knock our confidence. The self-doubt kicks in and we question our own abilities. Perhaps your inner critic tells you that you that you can’t do something. Maybe you spend timing comparing yourself to others, or you might just feel like you have so much more to give but you’re not fulfilling your true potential.

The good news is that you can start creating the foundations to building lasting confidence today.

When you have a clear purpose in life, you will have greater self-confidence to achieve your goals. You will open yourself up to opportunities because you trust in your abilities. You feel less fear and can make the changes you want to in life.

Here’s 10 top tips to help you learn to be more confident. When you consistently work on your confidence you will soon start ticking off those goals that once seemed impossible. Start with taking small steps and be kind to yourself along the way.

  1. Understand what areas you would like to have more confidence in.

Is it relationships? Career or business? Perhaps you want to learn a new skill? Once you delve a bit deeper and understand, it won’t feel so overwhelming. You can make sure you set yourself goals in these areas, so you are focused moving forward.

  1. Improve your self-talk.

Start to notice the stories you are telling yourself. You can increase your confidence by being more self-aware. It’s time to think positively about yourself. Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively and reframe it with something more empowering.

  1. Learn and practice.

Confidence comes from believing in yourself. When you start building competence in an area, you will naturally feel more confident. What areas currently make you feel uncomfortable? Flip the issue around – look at alternatives. Ask yourself “how would I behave if I was confident in that area?”  Then look at what you need to learn to help you get there. Dedicate time each day to practice and improve your capability. A willingness to try starts to unlock your potential.

  1. Celebrate your achievements.

Taking small steps towards your goals will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Celebrate your progress daily. It will give you motivation to take on bigger challenges. Every time you push yourself to do something scary, give yourself a little reward. Remember action itself is more important than success.

  1. Improve relationships.

I’m sure we have all been guilty of walking into a room and felt like others are judging us. Sometimes we need to get out of our own heads and engage with others. When you grow in confidence, you’re less focused on yourself and can enjoy interacting with others. You will feel at ease and won’t be comparing yourself with anyone else. Spend time with people who help build you up and give you greater confidence.

  1. Stay true to yourself.

Confidence is about being rooted in who you really are and having a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses. Trying to be like someone else isn’t going to help you move forward with your own goals. In fact, it’s just going to knock your confidence even more. Spend some time reconnecting with yourself and make sure your actions are in line with what you stand for. Value yourself, you are you, no one else. Let your best self shine through.

  1. Live in the present.

We are often busy thinking about something that may have either happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. Learn to appreciate what you have right now without the worry. Relax your mind and enjoy the moment.

  1. Practice Gratitude.

Many of us think we don’t have enough of something e.g. intelligence, money, beauty etc. The truth is most of us are surrounded by abundance, we’re just too busy focusing on the areas we are lacking. Start writing a gratitude journal before bed and be thankful for what you have. You might even improve your sleep in the process. You won’t be focused on all those anxious thoughts, only thoughts of gratitude.

  1. Time for self-care.

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you making the right choices to feel better about yourself? Stay active, get out in nature, and create time to just be. It will not only help you to feel more confident but improve your focus and manage any stress. When you put yourself first you will then have more to give to others.

  1. Do more of what makes you happy.

Life is busy and you want to make sure you’re filling it with happiness. What are the things you enjoy doing in your spare time? Create the space for whatever brings a smile to your face. It will not only boost your wellbeing but increase your self-esteem.

True confidence comes from within. Celebrate what you’ve already achieved, value yourself, practice self-care and believe in yourself. Remember it’s all about the small steps you take each day to help you work towards those bigger goals. Start creating confidence today and enjoy the journey.

Sarah GilesAbout the author

Sarah Giles is a Confidence Coach.  Sarah is passionate about helping quietly ambitious women to grow in confidence and transform their own wellbeing so that they can discover their true potential.  She uses a blend of coaching, NLP techniques and psychometric tools to support her clients on their confidence journey.

Sarah also works with organisations offering bespoke 1:1 and group coaching to support with building mental resilience across teams. Helping individuals to increase confidence, motivation and improve performance.


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