Techniques to boost confidence

You are not alone in seeking to boost your confidence. Close to 90 per cent of the population is actively looking for greater confidence right now.  However, confidence is a very big word. Ask for a definition and no two people will give you the same answer. Why? Because confidence is something that comes from...
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Ask Esther featured

Ask Esther…Big scary senior people zap my confidence

Esther Stanhope is an international confidence speaker and communications expert. A former BBC producer she’s rubbed shoulders with the likes of Madonna, George Clooney, and many global leaders. She now helps talented women in business, like you, to speak up in meetings and conferences, get their voice heard and radiate charisma, confidence & gravitas. If...
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Eight tips to build your confidence as a female business leader

Lynn Morrison, Marketing Director Opus Energy Thanks in part to new UK laws around gender diversity, more businesses than ever are creating opportunities for women to step into leadership roles. As someone who recently stepped up into a board role, I know first-hand how exciting and challenging the move can be. On one hand, you...
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Can leaders inspire confidence in asking for pay rise?

It’s hard to read the news today without seeing a mention about pay. Whether it’s about executive’s bonuses or pay gap reporting, being paid fairly is on top of the news agenda. Companies, quite rightly, are being more transparent about their employees’ pay and this open publicity is encouraging positive discussions within businesses. Gone are...
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Why it is so important to believe in yourself

In believing in ourselves everything and anything is possible. In believing in ourselves we can reach far out and make our dreams reality. In believing in ourselves nothing becomes difficult. Yes, the word ‘believe’ is quite important in our vocabulary. Perhaps to become and be more aware what vocabulary we are using for ourselves, how...
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Women confidence, inner chimp featured

Women, confidence & your inner chimp

I had a big life moment back in 2015.  I realised I wasn’t the only one who sometimes felt like an ‘imposter’ with confidence crippling insecurities as I sat in the massive auditorium of the Emmanual Centre in Victoria, London.  I was at a lecture in London hosted by The School of Life, with famous...
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Jo Fleming featured

Confidence? You can fake it till you make it – as long as you’re authentic, says entrepreneur Jo Fleming

  Jo Fleming is an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator. She is MD and owner of two recruitment businesses which she set-up from scratch after quitting her job at one of the UK’s largest plcs. Recruitment specialist Jo Fleming really did feel like she had to fake it till she made it.  A single mum to...
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How companies can help women be confident and lead the change they need

Companies today have many challenges, and mission critical is their ability to manage change.  As Charles Darwin reportedly said – “it is neither the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change”.  But how can companies keep up with change when its rate and...
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