Training is a big part of career development and business courses are key to pushing forward in your career. training

Whether it be management, customer service, staff or personal development training find out all you need to know here along with details on where to turn to for help. was founded in April 2008 and launched in September 2008, with the aim of providing information to women who wish to progress in their careers via networking and events.  The concept of the website is to provide services that not only help women develop themselves both personally and professionally, but also contributes to a wider strategy of supporting working women in the UK more broadly by bringing together the charity sector and potential entrepreneurs on to one common platform.


How to prepare for A-level results day

The thought of A-level results day can be daunting — it can be the determiner of whether you’re heading to your first-choice university or not. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do to influence your results after sitting the exams. But, there are some actions to take to ensure you’re fully prepared for results...
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UK is making sure one million girls across the Commonwealth get a quality education

  The UK is making sure one million girls across the Commonwealth get a quality education to play a transformational role in their communities and societies. Prime Minister Theresa May announced that vulnerable and marginalised girls in developing countries will receive the life-changing education they need to become the thinkers and leaders of the future....
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Train your mind on the tube: Five exercises to completely de-stress on your commute

Learn the top five ways to de-stress your commute. When you are travelling to or from work on the tube it may well be that your most common experience whilst you are pressed up against that not-so-fresh armpit, with someone’s bag lodged in an inconvenient part of your anatomy, that you are simply wishing to...
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How to lead your team and get them on your side

Leading a team can be difficult. You have to manage different personalities, different skillsets, and help them work towards a common goal. How can you get your team on side, and enthusiastic about working towards the vision? Read on. Gain Their Trust Gaining the trust of your team members is important. Creating a “them and...
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How to enjoy public speaking (and be rather good at it)

Public Speaking can be scary, we all know that. With some 70 per cent of the adult population facing communication anxiety, you’re not alone if public speaking is something you’d rather avoid. I myself used to be truly terrified of public speaking, so I am familiar with the blank mind, dry tongue, awkward feeling of...
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Nine ways to motivate your remote team | Infographic

The rise of remote teams offers businesses the chance to access an even wider pool of talent. Yet working remotely brings a huge range of engagement issues. How do you motivate a group of people whom you’ve never met in person? It’s not as tricky as you might think! Image Credit: The Business Backer
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Speaking at conference? Here’s how to stand out

I recently interviewed WATC’s conference organiser, Kayleigh Bateman about what goes on in the green room at women’s conferences. Whilst we know that there are many many inspiring female speakers out there (I happen to think women make the very best speakers when we’re in our power), there are still many things to learn. Here...
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What is Strength Based Leadership

Thought leadership: how to share your best ideas and boost your career

A consultant client of mine, Susie, was a brilliant leader whose career had stalled. As a teenager she was the entrepreneurial, save-the-planet one who set up litter picking groups and raised money for the RSPCA. But in the corporate world, she’d struggled to fully find her voice and she lost momentum as a result. Perhaps...
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