West Ham accused of discrimination by ladies team chairman

West Ham Football Club has come under fire after the Chairman of West Ham Ladies team accused the club of discrimination.

Stephen Hunt, the Chairman of the West Ham Ladies team, has lodged a formal complaint with the Football Association. He told BBC Sport: “West Ham need to be fined until they start to act like a 21st century club.”West Ham

According to Hunt the club failed to provide the team with funding and were forced to buy their own kits.

Previously West Ham had transferred the ladies team to a third party to look after, however the club has responded with the following statement: “Supporting, nurturing and facilitating the women’s game is very important to West Ham United, a club with strong community principles and a dedication to equality in sport,” it read.

“The day-to-day management of West Ham United Ladies FC was transferred to a third party some time ago, and unfortunately it is an arrangement that has simply not worked.

“Mr Hunt has refused to align with West Ham’s principles throughout his tenure as chairman and has, on a number of occasions, threatened the club.

“The club have been working for some time on plans to take West Ham United Ladies FC ‘in house’ and, in light of Mr Hunt’s most recent deeply concerning comments, we will now be seeking to do so at the earliest opportunity.

“We will, of course, seek to maintain the current West Ham United Ladies FC squad personnel where possible, and provide them with the best possible support and management moving forward.

“As a result of this, women’s football at West Ham United will become bigger, better and stronger, as we continue our commitment to the growth and development of the women’s game, both on and off the pitch.”

Hunt claimed that West Ham Ladies were forced to train by the side of a road after being refused access to the club’s onsite gym.

He said: “I think West Ham have breached the underlying objectives of the FA to promote equality and grassroots football at all levels.”

“Initially what I thought was a lack of interest I now understand is a positive intent by senior people at West Ham to block the growth of West Ham Ladies. It’s beyond negligence – it is trying to starve us of any sort of funding.”

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