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MY Food (previously my diet in a box) is one of the UK’s top diet plan delivery services, providing a luxurious, nutritionally balanced and convenient diet programme.  With over 6,000 clients, the company has received critical reviews from the press for the high standards of the food, and also has a celebrity following, including Caroline Flack, Mick Norcross, Kirsty Gallacher, Louisa Lytton and Gabby and Kenny Logan.

Founded by Nas Amir-Ahmadi in 2004, MY Food has developed a range of healthy menu plans that are delivered to clients nationwide. Various menu plans are available:

  • New Body – A Diet Plan designed to provide an average of five to seven pounds weight loss in fourteen days, suitable for long-term weight loss solutions.
  • Active Body – An ongoing Diet Plan to support those who, through regular exercise consume more calories, but are looking for a leaner physique without losing muscle mass.
  • Blitz Body – A quick body boost leaving clients feeling energised and refreshed. Average customer weight loss is 7lbs in 14 days.
  • RAW Blitz Body – Food served the way nature intended it; nothing is heated above 108F/42C ensuring minimal loss of vitamins and minerals.
  • Baby Body – A post-pregnancy Diet plan for both breast feeding and bottle feeding mothers designed to make mothers love their bodies again, as well as providing their newborn with the needed vitamins.

MY Food plans work by providing clients with a delicious weekly menu, delivered to either their home or their office in a chilled hamper, which includes all preparation and storage instructions.   Meals are pre-prepared using recipes developed by a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist, and include breakfast, lunch & dinner, with snacks available if required.  Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Halal options of the plans are also available. MY Food provide a Working Week option for our New Body, Active Body and Blitz Body plans, perfect for the busy professional.  The experienced customer service team are on hand to offer email or phone support throughout the plan.

The brand re-launch last year supports the growing product range, not just aimed at those who want to lose weight, but to support those with an active lifestyle who are also busy and struggle to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  Nas Amir-Ahmadi, Founder of MY Food, says of the rebrand, “We have recently expanded our product range and menu plans to make good food available for everyone. The new name is more representative of our vision.  We want to make it easy for people to try different food; to give those who worry about their weight a sense of freedom, and the ability to see healthy food as a reward for their body, rather than the normal ‘treat’ of chocolate or fatty foods.”

Nas continues, “To make somebody feel positive about themselves is one of the best gifts you can give.  If you feel good and energised, you can hit the world head on and with the pressures of modern living, we could all do with a little help! This is our founding principle, and will remain so as we grow and take the company forward.”

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